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Hello to all members of this group. After downloading and reading EVERY issue of the Got Genealogy Newsletter, I was compelled to promote this wonderful website on this week's episode of the African- Roots Podcast! I hope more will appreciate the wisdom shared on the site.


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You are truly too kind and I thank you for helping me spread the word about online genealogy. I can't wait to listen to the Podcast.

FYI, the September issue of the GGN (as we affectionately call it) should be online later today. The topic: "That's NOT How It's Spelled," which delves into Got Genealogy's number one "Golden Rule ..." that "SPELING DUSN'T COWNT," and further explores the shortcomings of doing Soundex searches. We even talk about old writing practices, such as writing "fs" in place of "ss" (oh, and I've seen this transcribed incorrectly on about a gazillion times), adding or dropping an "s" on the end of a name, writing a "z" instead of an "s" (and, yes, my name has often been written as "Liza").

At we're trying really hard to take the misery out of doing genealogical research online, particularly for newbies. I've seen it time and again, a fired-up, budding genealogist sits down at his/her computer and does a search for, say, John Walton, and is totally overwhelmed by the thousands of search results. Undeterred, he/she will delve a bit deeper, but the multitude of often conflicting results is enough to turn anyone off from doing any future research.

To try to keep things fun, we also offer a monthly Genealogy Challenge where one lucky reader will win a FREE "Got Genealogy?" tote bag. To date, we've given away 20 tote bags since we went online in January 2008, and we have plenty more available. Some months, the Challenge is really easy and we receive dozens of entries, while other months, we make it more challenging and the number of brave souls drops down to single digits. In the end, we ALL learn something and I'm often amazed at HOW people come up with the Challenge answers, often pointing out Web sites I didn't know about, which is pretty hard when you consider that I've memorized the entire internet ... by heart.

Angela, I've admired your work for years and your endorsement of my efforts thrills me to no end. I'm humbled. Truly humbled. Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do.

- Lisa B. Lee
Owner, Got Genealogy?
Hi Lisa,

You are most welcome! Your Got Genealogy News site is great and the collection of newsletters could easily become a primer for any beginner, seeking to learn how to analyze what they have.

Thanks for doing what you do!






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