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I've decided on the Garmin Oregon 550 .It's a full featured handheld GPS with a camera that automatically enters geotag data into the photos' EXIF data. It has a high-sensitivity WAAS enabled receiver.

The best price in USA is at Nebraska's own for $460 .(I'm not affiliated with them)

Yes it is expensive, but I believe it's worth it. I am interested in trying geocaching. I also plan on using it for locating and photographing historical landmarks then logging them at Most importantly, I will use it to log and photograph grave sites and other genealogy points-of-interest.

It will be a few months before I have this item included in my budget. So until then, I just had to write about it :-)

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I want to add that a person does not need to spend $460 for a quality GPS receiver. Gamin has WAAS enabled GPS's that sell for under $150 . See "for the trail" section at . The $500-$600 Oregon 550 is the only Garmin GPS model that includes a camera. It was released just last month, so I expect prices to fall over the coming months and more models being released with a camera included.
I use a Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx and a Nikon Coopix along with Pisca 3 to Geotag.
Maybe I'm just cheap.
460USD for a GPS? It is so expensive. As I know, there are many good GPS that with leading function, quality, and perfect service. like GP-1, Easytagger. And these days, Easytagger supplies a special offer: all the order will get a free gift: A lenspen or a multiple card reader. You may consider it more, maybe its new Bluetooth GPS would be within this list.
I just bought a GPS from Easytagger, quite cheap, only $108. It works well, records all the geography position accurately. Further more, the route tracking function records the route that the user walked, plotting it along with the photos.
A new Bluetooth device is coming soon, best among the market ever. You may consider it.





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