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So ive tested with Ancestry, Sorenson and Familytree DNA. Ive been researching my Y and Mito haplogroups but just cant get enough. What are your opinions on or any other autosomal testing companies. Is it worth it? Should I wait till the research inproves? Will it ever improve? It seems a little confusing to me..

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I've not tried any autosomal testing myself but from what I've heard you'd be wasting your money. The reference populations aren't large enough and the genes get so muddled up it's difficult to draw any conclusions. People seem to get vastly different ancestral origins depending on which company they use. Save your money for the deep clade test from FTDNA which you can order once your results are through. If you really want to know more about your genetic make-up you'd be better off getting relatives with the representative surnames to take a Y-DNA test on your behalf.
I don't know too much about autosomal testing. Not many people seem to order the autosomal test. If no one is able to provide an answer here I suggest you ask for advice on the ISOGG DNA Newbie mailing list. You will need to join ISOGG to have access to the list, but membership is free of charge, and you also get the benefit of a free monthly newsletter. The ISOGG website can be found here.
Tim, Id like to hear what results you got (high level) and if they were as expected?

What was the level of testing that you completed for your Y and mtDNA. 67 markers? FGS?

William-  my opinion is different from that of other people who have posted here.  I purchased autosomal testing from DNA tribes, Y testing from Family Tree, and recently autosomal testing from Family Tree (for confirmation).  

The autosomal approach uses different loci than the Y dna approach or the mitochondrial approach.  The legal guys use the autosomal approach for crime scenes and paternity testing.  That means it will hold up in court.  Pretty good argument in favor of it, right?

The autosomal approach, as I understand it, is better for nailing down recent ancestry.  If your family tree has a question  mark in it at the grandparent level, why not use it?



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