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Hello all,

Question for you. Are any of you reading any good books on genetic genealogy? Somthing current not from a few years ago.. I read everything I can find on the subject, blogs sites etc..

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I'm currently enjoying "The Incredible Human Journey" by Dr Alice Roberts. The book is a companion to the recent BBC series. The focus is more on deep ancestry and anthropology, but it helps to put everything into context with the bigger picture.
Thanks Debbie, Ill look into that one.
I'm a newbie, so I'm starting by reading "Seven Daughters of Eve" by Bryan Sykes. I also bought his "Saxons, Vikings and Celts." I'll probably skip the "fantasy" of each of the "daughters" at the end. I also enjoyed the reading on-line on the National Geographic site much of the Atlas of the Human Journey:
I plan to read some of Oppenheimer's and this Incredible Human Journey sounds interesting. What else do y'all recommend for newcomers?
Hi Teresa, The theories the Oppenheimer and Sykes books are now somewhat out of date, but they still provide some useful background reading. I would highly recommend reading The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells, which describes the spread of Y-DNA around the world in a very accessible and easy-to-understand style. Spencer Wells also wrote a book on the Genographic Project entitled "Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genographic Project which I've not yet had the chance to read though I believe it's supposed to be very good.



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