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So how does everyone keep their family DNA tests organized? I keep visualizing a program were I have a picture and name of a person, once I click on the person it brings up info with slots for DYS values or Mitochondrial DNA information along with a biography. I want some type of database that I can share but keep all of my family info. Comparing family dna tests would be a plus as well..

Web based would probably be good so it could be shared. Maybe just a huge family tree web site.

Does a program exsist? Like i say, this is just something I would like to have

What do you guys use?

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Try GeneTree:

Yes, it is another DNA test to pay for, but you can create your family tree graphically. You can upload pictures and other information about each person on your family tree and show their relationships regardless of the complexity.

By providing the email addresses for your family tree members, they can be notified and encouraged to upload their information. Also, once you start making genetic matches outside of your known family, they too can create their family trees and eventually find the "missing link" to your tree.

GeneTree meets your criteria of being web based, plus it is tied into the LDS database via SMGF.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply Peter!



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