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So, to get the ball rolling, I thought I would start by sharing my Twitter ID.
Personally, I'm @farhan, but for more geneology, heritage, and family oriented tweets you're better off following me at @MyHeritageUK

What's your Twitter ID? And what do you tweet about?

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I'm just learning to use Twitter, but my Twitter ID is @DebraMunn
howdy - I'm @rcurious

I make twitter layouts if anyone wants a customized one. (no fee)
hi there i would love one and a tutoring session on the ins and outs of twitter too lol
This look great - texhisthunter didn't come up on twitter
I have 4 accts but this is my genealogy acct and the one I have associated wiith GW. Currently I twit about all the things I am doing on GW!! I twitted all my group links ...
My ID is @DebbieKennett. I'm still not sure what to use Twitter for but have been tweeting mostly about DNA-related stories and a few genealogy topics.

As my profile says, I'm a wife, mom, book lover, ancestor hunter and wannabe genealogy blogger. Everyday life and some genealogy are what you can expect from my tweets.

Hi Everyone,

I recognise some of you from Twitter already and am now following a couple more!

I'm @GenealogyGirl
Hey Kirsty!
Welcome ;) Yes, I'm recognising familiar faces on here, from Twitter too ;)
Isn't this fun? Look forward to tweeting with you all more in the future ;)

I tweet about practically everything from daily life, to genealogy and my writing career.

I tweet about genealogy and coop and what is happening here and there.



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