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If you're new to Twitter, have any questions about how to use it, or want some information, or help in getting started with Twitter, then post your questions in this discussion, and hopefully someone in the group will be able to answer or help you ;) So if you're completely new to Twitter, step forward, and ask any questions you might have, and I'm sure there's enough wisdom and advice in this group to be able to help you get started ;)

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Not entirely sure.. but perhaps there aren't enough Genealogists on twitter yet? Perhaps we need to schedule an online #genealogist 'chat' on Twitter, to ask everyone? What does anyone else think?
I am a newbie to twitter and still trying to figure it out lol....... like the @ and # i think i have it tho... when replying you hit @ and when talking about something specific you hit # am i right?
A chat sounds like a great idea. I think the 140 character limit to tweets may be the limitation.
Can't imagine explaining an individual find that people outside my family would understand in 140 char!
That's what we have GenealogyWise for, isn't it? Can we hyperlink from Twitter to GW?
I have not yet joined twitter. I joined this group to find out about it, and why I should join. Is there anything I should know?
I've only been on twitter for about a month and have found it a great way to learn what's going on in the world of genealogy, blogs, issues, etc., or whatever else you are interested in following. It's fun! Hope to see you there! @acolorfulsoul



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