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If I reply to someone's discussion and a third party replies to my comment, the discussion creator sees that third party's reply, but I don't. (As far as I can tell.) I would expect a reply to one of my replies to show up on My Page.

Also, if I reply to someone who responded to one of my discussions, they only see my reply to them if they revisit the discussion. As far as I can tell, my replies to them don't appear on their My Page. It makes it difficult to actually have a discussion that way. :-)

To give an example along those lines - On the discussion that I started titled "What's your favorite name?" Jill replied on 8/1 that there is a Hezekiah in her husband's ancestry. On 9/3, Tina replied to Jill's post and asked what the surname is for Jill's Hezekiah. Tina's reply to Jill showed up on my My Page since I created the discussion, but not on Jill's My Page. So Jill wouldn't know that Tina asked her a question unless she (Jill) revisits the discussion.

Hopefully that's not too convoluted.

Maybe I'm just missing something. But, if not, is there a way that this can be changed?

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This is part of the structure on the way Ning works, and I doubt there is a switch that can be flipped for this.

The best way to keep track of a discussion you are interested in is to "follow" it. In the lower-right of every discussion is where you will find your following option.

If you are not following, you'll see this:

If you are already following, you'll see this:

As long as you are following, you will receive an email whenever someone replies.
So, if I understand correctly, if I want to know whether someone has commented on one of my replies to a discussion, I need to

1. "follow" the discussion
2. check my email, and if there is an email that someone replied to that discussion:
3. go to the discussion
4. find my reply and see if the newest reply was aimed at me?

And if someone replies to someone else on one of my discussions, if the first person isn't "following" the discussion, then if I want to facilitate further exchange, I (as moderator) need to go to the first person's page and tell them they've got a reply?

I'm not trying to be difficult, I just want to make sure I understand.
You've got the gist-of-it.

I guess personally, if I'm interested in a discussion, I'm interested in any replies.

If it is a Forum Discussion, its not too hard to see if there have been replies to discussions you've replied to. Click Forums, then click My Discussions; it will then display all the discussions you've replied to, and show the last activity on the right of each.

People who are interested will take the time, people who aren't won't.

You also seem to hint that you might like the reply included in the email. First, this would requires some serious coding changes within GW. Plus if every email going out to 13,000 members had this additional text, the bandwidth increase could be significant; which ultimately could lead to difficulties in keeping GW free to all of us.
I appreciate your reply, Johnny.

Unfortunately, it isn't what I wanted to hear. I was already aware of the ways in which I can see replies, I was just hoping that it could be less time consuming. And I think it wouldn’t be difficult to miss a response to your own comment on one of the more popular discussions, especially if your comment is somewhere in the middle of multiple screens of replies.

Also, I'm not sure some of our less technologically inclined brethren know how to keep up with replies even if they want to.

In addition, I thought that it might make discussions that I (or you, or anyone else) start more lively if interactions were easier to follow. I just think that discussions would be more effective if even casual GW users could easily see if someone had responded to their comments.

Perhaps I'm alone in that.


PS – I wasn’t hinting to see the text of replies in emails – I was asking that responses to any replies a user made show up on that user’s My Page.
PS – I wasn’t hinting to see the text of replies in emails – I was asking that responses to any replies a user made show up on that user’s My Page.
Oh, okay. I've just answered that request so many times that I read too much into your comment.
Not a problem. I've seen how many times you've been asked about that!

Thank you again for your responses.



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