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I did some soul searching yesterday and I realized that I've been investing a great deal of priceless attention, energy, and time into helping others with their genealogy practice. And while It's been very fun and satisfying, it isn't in complete alignment with my purpose, needs, and wants.

Effective immediately I'm investing my attention, energy, and time in my relationships with my wife and children and developing myself as a husband and father.

I think it would be good for this group to continue. If you agree, discuss who should be made administrators and I'll see to it as my last act.

Farewell fellow MacGenealogists!

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Shocking! You leave a big hole. However, you've got your priorities right. Thanks for all you've done. Best wishes. I'll miss you!
Best Wishes Ben. You set the bar very high when you started, and I can't imagine how hard it was to keep clearing it these past months. Yes Real Life should always be more important that what happens "inside the box". Thank You!!
Thanks Ben, for your guidance to give me ideas for organizing and structuring my own research. All the best to you and your family.
You will be terribly missed, you did an enormous service to those of us who flounder thru .... wishing you all the best with your re-alignment. A deep, heartfelt thank-you!
Dear Ben,

Investing in your family is always the BEST choice you can ever make. We as genealogists know that more than most, that is why we research FAMILY! I'm only sorry I discovered your wonderful site so late in the game, but I thank you for all you have done for so many!

Linda J. Barnes
I'm late in expressing my good wishes to you, Ben, but I understand completely, as do we all. I had actually been wondering how you could do it, knowing about your little children. Certainly your family should be your first priority, and we thank you for all you have done. Best wishes to you and yours.





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