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Attached here is an updated listing of surname sites. I am going through Tanguay's listing of "dit" names & spelling variations he has listed in the back of vol.7 to better cross reference my list. Therefore, there are some names I have no sites listed because of that. It should be noted that Tanguay's list is only for the variations/dits up to about 1760. Dit names continued to be added after that time, and of course once the French started to migrate to the US the name spellings changed a lot.

I have also started to add book titles (guess I just don't have enough to keep me busy) so you will have even more references.

PLEASE NOTE: some of the books are available through Google books or Also I have listed a few periodicals but that is not my goal to list all, as they are covered in PERSI (available through Heritage Quest).

For the purists: note that I have not put in accent marks (unless it was cut & paste) as I do not read French and can't write it. It just took up too much time to look up how to type in the accents each time. This is an ongoing project, so keep checking back. Again, please let me know of any additions or corrections I can make, thanks, Jim.


PS: at the rate I am going it will probably take me the rest of the year to enter the data. If there is a specific surname you want to know about let me know and I will enter what I have. Thanks.

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Joseph Pouget, Josephine/Josephete Bissonnettr

Louis Marceau (The name crops up around 1797 in what was known as Northwest Territory, Montana Territory and may be a variant of another French surname.)


Other spellings are MARSEAU(LT), you might want to look at the book I have listed under the "Numerous" names - French Canadian Families of the North Central States by Lareau and Courteau. This is available on fiche through your local FHC.

I hope to be able to post an updated surname list in the next week or so.

In places the name is Marcereau; however this is definitely the Native American World and there may have been some variation due to linguistic interface.

Does anyone know the origins of the Dequasie  Surname? I know William Dequasie spoke french he was in the war of 1812. I can not find any Dequasie  earlier than him. He was married to an Elizabeth Carey

There is a DeCUISY with the "dit" names of DAILLEBOUT & D'AUTERIVE. Not a common name. You might also check the French Huguenots that came over.

Do you have Pleau anywhere?

What an amazing list James
I have been searching the GIRARD name. from what I understand, they were one of the 5 Girard families to settle in Quebec. Charles Girard was brought over to fight against the acadians and such.
if you have a great history link on this, that would be fantastic

Thank-you James
yes i have seen it and realized we came a bit later then originally thought.
we are the first Charles Girard on that list in the updated list further down. is that you who made that second list ?
i did notice the birthdate for charles girard is different then the record I have for his birthdate. however, could be a typo

No it was not me who did the second listing, here is some more on that family, have you seen this? -

funny you should just post this, I just found a record on ancestry's drouin collection for Jean Renoud and Marie Francoise Auger's marriage.
there is no hope for me to be able to read this document sadly tho :( i can rad basic French and know the words to stumble thru the document, however, this one is terrible.
i am going to read over the link you just posted to see if I can find more :)





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