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In my previous discussion, I posted about using the Pennsylvania Archives. I found that I could also find records on my great great great grandfather who was on the Confederate side. I was lucky that Texas has a great Confederate Pension search, and could find his pension applications, but on Footnote I was able to find other records for him which allowed me to show my grandmother where her great grandfather served in the Civil War.

Also, I find I use the Philadelphia and Washington City Directories, they are especially helpful for 1890, and the years in between census records, sometimes I can determine when a wife became a widow from the directories, or just a moment in time when she was the head of household when her husband may have been in the military when they published the directory.

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I, too, find the City Directories useful (in my case, the City is St. Louis), through these directories, I have established that my grandfather lived at the same address when he moved to the city until he died. The census shows he owned the house, now I know that ownership is a fact I can establish. It also raises the question — did he own his home and place of buisness in DeSoto? I will need to search outside of Footnote for those facts, but footnote pointed out the areas for searching.

I use Footnote to upload documents and pictures and store them online. I've also found that their viewer allows me to see them more closely or more clearly. It's also a good place to share the docs and pictures I've found.



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