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One of the best known geneaology websites is Cyndi's List that provides links to family history resources by surname, location and so much more. Visit it here: 


Cyndi's List also has a large webpage with a wealth of free resources for genealogists. Find that webpage here:


Categories of free resources include:

  • Charts and forms
  • Software
  • Databases to search online
  • Surname and family newsletters
  • Guides to free look-ups and searches by volunteers

There's more on the that page, and the site itself is actually a remarkable free resource for those doing family history.


You can find more information and ideas from Cyndi via her blog:


If you've not visited Cyndi's List in a while, take a few mintues to see if she has resources to help you with a brickwall. Consider a new angle and look for new resources. Genealogy resources are being added to the Web every day, so check it out!

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Thank you for the hints Babara. I like Cyndi's List but I didn't know all the links.



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