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Sometimes the best free resources for genealogy research and family history are IDEAS! What strategies have worked well for others? What tips can help us determine if a record is or is not our ancestor?

For example, let me share an article called "50 Best Genealogy Brick Wall Solutions" that comes from the Canadian genealogy magazine and website called Genealogy in Time. Here is a link to use:

It discusses issues around names and how they can confuse us when searching for ancestors. Also places to find maiden names for women, aliases, and how the spelling of surnames was sometimes altered. Also discussed are less considered ways to find our ancestors, including through local histories, schoolhouse records, electoral rolls, old directories and telephone books, and much more.

The article is one of many resources at the free website for Genealogy in Time, found here:

It has a free weekly newsletter with updates on new genealogy records and tools now online, as well as a genealogy search engine that let's you search more than 1.2 billion free historic source records. I tried it using an ancestor with a distinctive name - Ferdinand Hachez - and it promptly found his obituary and a few other resources I knew about. It might help you.

New genealogy resources are coming online all the time, and I aim to highlight some of best that offer free tools and resources for you.

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