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An exceptional resource for genealogists and family historians will be unveiled on Monday, April 2, 2012 - namely the 1940 Census. The countdown is underway with just 95 days to go.

Free Census Sources

The National Archives will release the 1940 Census free online on April 2, 2012, at 9 a.m. EST. Learn more here and at the 1940 Census page. will make the 1940 Census available free through 2013 as it announced via news release on August 17.

Here is a 1940 Census webpage with lots on helpful information.

Finding EDs for Browsing

At the start, the 1940 Census will not be indexed so you'll need to find your relatives the old-fashioned way, by browsing. If you're eager to find out what the 1940 Census reveals, then there is a great free tool to help you find the right Enumeration District or ED to browse.

Here is a helpful explanation of the browsing process. And here is the Unified 1940 Census ED Finder tool itself, available online here.

Here is an example of the information that results when searching for the ED for New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin, one place of interest to me.

Notice that there are links at this site right to the census pages identified, that apparently will be available in April.

Happy New Year -- and best wishes for your genealogy reseach in 2012!

Your moderator,

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Thanks Barbara for the info and instructions for the 1940 census. I can hardly wait!!! I'm hoping to find a lead in the death and burial site for my grandmother in it. She  died in 1944 at the age of 34 from appendicitis complications. Not sure of her last name at the time of her death or where she was living. All family members have passed that would have possibly held this information. Look forward to using your group. Hope you have a great year as well.

Hello Bonnie,

I sincerely hope the 1940 Census helps you learn more about your grandmother. What a sorrow that she died so young. Glad you've joined the group!




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