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Considering the current economy, Family Tree Magazine decided that its 101 Best listing for genealogy this year should be the 101 best free websites for genealogists and family historians.


We applaud their decision for sure!


The best free sites are arranged in 13 categories including those such as Best Big Genealogy Sites, Best Records Resources, and then best sites for different parts of the world. Also included are categories for high tech tools and social networking sites.


I do research in Shropshire, England, so of course just checked out the category called 101 Best Websites 2010: Great Britain and Ireland. While I am very familiar with FreeBMD, I was reminded that I should start using FreeCen and FreeReg too!


Get started finding new free resources to pursue your own family history right here:


Please added your observations to the Finding Family for Free discussion on this resource, to help others. Thank you!



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Hello Barbara. Just familiarizing myself with this great site, Genealogy Wise, and came across your post in this group. Thank you so much for providing the above site. It is absolutely awesome!!! You have made a researchers day. Have a nice day. Bonnie



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