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Please create a New Discussion for help with a probem with Family Tree Maker. There are many Online resources for Users helping other Users, Email Lists, AND Online Knowledge Base websites that suppport the Family Tree Maker program (all versions).

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Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base Websites

In an effort for us to help each other with the Family Tree Maker program, PLEASE use the + Start Discussion link, below the Discussion Forum below. Please use a descriptive Subject Line and provide details for us to help each other.

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New Comments about the overall purpose of this Group are Welcome, but handling the Issues / Problems / Questions, for all of us, is easier using the +Start Discussion feature.

Its helpful to provide the Product Version Number (Help, About Family Tree Maker), the version of Windows that you are using, and details of any Error Messages that you may see (IF you are having a problem). But, provide us with some details of the problem.

To help, please continue to read below for other online help that is available to us (Users of the Family Tree Maker program.

There are a number of places to receive help with the Family Tree Maker Program. If you have the program already, the Help that is supplied with the program is not bad and should be looked at before going to any of the below resources. As you work with the program, the help that is offered is more focused on where you are in the program.

Here are links to the Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base Websites (Online Help Center):

In using the Keyword Search, use one or two keywords for that search. For example, if you have an error message, a key word that you might use, is one of the words in the Error Message.

Family Tree Maker Version 2008 and 2009

There is an Online Video for Version 2009 here:

Family Tree Maker 2009 Feedback Website:

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It is also helpful to be specific as to what the issue is or the question is, based on what you see in Family Tree Maker. If there is an Error Message, please provide the specific Error Message. What you see and what you expect to see is also helpful.

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Comment by Russ Worthington on July 15, 2009 at 6:52am

Sounds like you have a place to print the trees. There are a couple places will do that.

The Reports are and have always been a part of the program.

Why don't you stop by my Family Tree Maker Blog and see how it works.

Also, there is a Video you can watch, online, to show you more.

Comment by Caro Nally on July 15, 2009 at 12:25am
That does help immensely! Thank you so much, to both Russ and Randy!

I've gone to Best Buy and Target but they only ever seem to have the Platinum edition of FTM. No worries, though. I'll just do a thorough search in August and see which suits me best (-: I honestly didn't even think about Staples or Office Depot (or Office Max). I'll have to check them out, too, in August.

As far as a place that can print a large family tree, I don't personally have one, but I know of one place that can print large trees, as large as you want them, really. I emailed them and they told me the longest tree they printed was 250 feet long! They have their own printing press and such so they use one continuous sheet of paper and have three different widths(24", 36" 42"). They seem to primarily use FTM as they have an entire section on their site about how to use it and how to custom size your chart on FTM so it will fit on their rolls of paper. They seem like a pretty descent company and are very inexpensive. I've looked at several places to print my tree and this company by far is the cheapest. Plus, everyone else only prints four or five generation pedigrees. With them, I can print as many generations with as many descendants as I want. It's pretty awesome. And you can get your chart in two or three days, assuming you aren't having them do the layout for you.

Here is their site:

PS: I recommend watching the short 5min video, if only for the comedy. It's very informative but the two women who are looking at a printed tree - they are priceless.

The books idea sounds great! Another reason I really want FTM. I'd love to make them for my family and such but not many of them are too interested. The only ones that seem to care are the ones who are distantly related to me .. and the in-laws, they care, too. I actually am working on putting all my information together in a story like way and self-publishing it as a gift for my daughter, assuming I ever get all the information from current family members, but that's a whole long story ..

Oh, here's a question. Since I really hate typing them up, is there a program that will take my information and just write up those genealogy reports for me? Like the "Descendants of" papers? They just get so annoying to type up, especially when I keep having to add people and changing my numbering .. I would love a program that could do that for me!

Have a good night everyone! I hope what I wrote made sense as the baby was waking up as I was writing it and I'm tired as it is.

Comment by Russ Worthington on July 14, 2009 at 11:48pm
Caro - As Randy said, the different "versions" are NOT versions of the Program, there is only one Program but they may come "with something" like the subscriptions that Randy said. Please read the fine print of what they mean. or how long the Trial Subscription to lasts.

You should be able to go to any place, like Staples, Office Depot, and see the Family Tree Maker program on the shelf. Various version are online as well. Amazon or eBay. Again watch what comes with the software.

If you already have the World Subscription, then you only need the program.

Yes, Family Tree Maker allows you to have same-sex couples.

The term "All Relatives Tree" is in the Family Tree Maker program. Not with that name, but thre are a number of ways to show relatives in your Family Tree. The All-In-One Tree that you asked about is NOT the same. It is different. I have many people in my Family File that are NOT directly related to me. So, you will be able to print something to put on your wall.

Just one, slight question, do you have a place that can Print Large Family Trees?

Now, I don't print many Tree's, but I do create and print Books from Family Tree Maker. For example, a couple of years ago, my parents had their 60th Anniversary, I create two books. One for my Dad's family and one for my Mother's family. Three years ago, I printed another, new book when my Dad passed away. I have 10 for 15 books that I have created over time.

Hope that helps,

Comment by Caro Nally on July 14, 2009 at 8:50pm
Oh wait, I just remembered what my question was:

On Ancestry I can have same-sex couples and even list their children. With my current program (Family Historian), I cannot. Does FTM allow that? I ask because I have two same-sex couples in my family and one couple has two children.

Comment by Caro Nally on July 14, 2009 at 8:47pm
Hey Randy
My problem is that I can only find one at the store so I can't physically hold the different ones in my hand and look at them closely. I already have a world subscription to Ancestry so that doesn't really matter to me. If anything, I'll just give the free trial to someone who will use it. When 2010 comes out I'll definitely be looking at the different e-books each one comes with. Either way, I'll probably go with the cheaper one just to save some money, unless it's a book I've been wanting and waiting for.

Thanks Randy! I didn't know about the e-books.
Comment by Randy Seaver on July 14, 2009 at 8:42pm
Caro, no one answered your very first question from several days ago - "what are the differences between FTM 2009 Premium, Deluxe, Essentials, etc."

The basic difference is the number of months of US subscription that you receive, plus some additional e-books.

I hope that helps - read the descriptions carefully before you buy.
Comment by Caro Nally on July 14, 2009 at 6:04pm
I don't currently have FTM so I haven't been able to use the features. I am planning to get it though, probably the new one in August. I currently have Family Historian, which allows me to do an "All Relatives Tree". Once I have the tree made up on the computer, I can add more boxes, such as the step/adopted children, it's just a pain.

But as far as the "All Relatives Tree", yes, that is definitely a feature I would like to see on FTM maker if it doesn't already exist. I'm actually surprised it doesn't. What I really want to do is get one large, giant tree printed up and plaster it on a wall of my house lol and then just add it to as I need to and print a new one up every few years or so. Now that is an insane project!

I downloaded the MyHeritage program as well and that actually made up what it called a "Book Report Genealogy" for me. And it had an index of places and dates along with names. It also included the step/adopted family members, just in a different section.

I suppose my problem is that we are such a blended family and I really don't believe that family is defined by blood. I realize that for genealogical purposes it pretty much is just the blood line, but I'm also working on my family history and making a book for my daughter and that book includes her whole family, not just her blood relatives .. if that makes any sense at all.

Thanks for all this information on FTM. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to purchasing the new copy in August and transferring my files to it. (Can't hurt to have the same files saved in several different places .. just in case.)
Comment by Russ Worthington on July 14, 2009 at 4:28pm
Caro - Thank you. Is the "All Relatives Tree" something new that you would want?

See, my question about the "All-In-One Tree" gets at what you mentioned. Maybe I have an incorrect understanding. When working with other Users, the file are large, making the "printing" of that All-In-One Tree impractical. I asked the question, to see if there is something, already available to get at your need. Again, I am not saying that anything is wrong with the All-In-One Tree.

Actually, i have four files, that do date no one is related to each other, and these family lines cross several times in several locations over time. So, I do understand your issue. You said "'I'd like to be able to have that all printed out to see what I have and what I don't." I wouldn't use the AIO Tree for that. I would use either a Kinship Report or a Place Report (in 2009). The Kinship Report would show the Relationships like your Bauer / Bower example. The Relationships would probably show you common relationships between the two people. Also, the similar area of PA would show up in the Place Usage Report.

As for the Siblings / Adopted not showing up, that is not an issue today. It depends on the relationships that are in your file. If you remember that Trees and Reports are Bloodline oriented, you will be able to have them show up.

Example: A Husband and wife have a Child, he remarries. Any of his Ancestors will show that child in a report or tree. However, that child may not show up, of you do a tree or report for the 2nd wife, unless you have her as the Preferred Parent.

Have you tried any of the New Trees in 2009? like the Bow-Tie and the Extended Family Charts.

Comment by Caro Nally on July 14, 2009 at 3:51pm
And "All Relatives Tree" will show ancestors and descendants and everyone else, hence being called an "All Relatives Tree".

I want an "All-In-One Tree" because I am researching another family line that may or may not connect and I'd like to be able to have that all printed out to see what I have and what I don't. (ie: My paternal grandmother's mother was born a BOWER, but the last person I have on the tree is a BAUER. My mother's sister married a BAUER. Both families lives in similar areas in Pennsylvania so I am trying to find a connection, if at all.

I also would like one because my tree includes some step siblings and an "All Relatives Tree" doesn't include them. They are very important to my genealogy and family history, even if they aren't blood. They are in the family and thus on tree so it would be nice to be able to have a tree with them on it.

And lastly, we have people in our tree who were adopted and I want to include both their birth and adopted parents as they are both vital.

But my main reason is the step siblings. I want a tree that will include them. They were all raised together and their (our) children are being raised together. So they are greatly important. If you know of how I can fix that pesky little problem of the step siblings not showing, I'd love to hear it. It would certainly make things much much easier.
Comment by Russ Worthington on July 14, 2009 at 3:46pm

Thank you. But, have you tried any of the new trees that are in Version 2009?

I have used the HourGlass tree, from previous versions and 2009 has the Bow-Tie and the Extended Family Chart.

I guess that the issue is What are you using the All-In-One Chart for., Yes, I know what is shows and how useful it can be.

The All-In-One Tree was an answer to an undefined "I want a tree that will display everyone in my file", that has been around since I started using Family Tree Maker (Version 3.4).

Thank you,


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