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Well, to get people rolling, why not tell us a bit about yourself and the publiction you are involved with.

I am Keith Bage and I am the Editor of "The Journal of One-Name Studies", which is published by the Guild of One-Name Studies. It's an A4 publication on high quality paper and is published quarterly with a circulation of around 2200. I use Adobe InDesign CS4 for the design & layout and our printers take care of the printing and distribution.

I have been Editor for almost 18 months with the previous Editor being Roy Stockdill. During Roy's time the Journal won two Elizabeth Simpson Awards (run by the FFHS).

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Hi, Keith. I've written for the trio of magazines published by Moorshead Publications: Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, and Discovering Family History. I am also the publications chair for the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA).
I am the editor for the newsletter of UJGS, the Utah Jewish Genealogical Society; which used to be quarterly, but now seems to be 2 or 3 times a year. I try not to churn out the same things as other JGS newsletters, with as much original material as possible, but it's hard to keep a good newsletter going when you have a very small society (< 30) and almost no one is writing anything for it.

I also write my own family newsletter, issued annually.
I am the Editor of the Hampshire Family Historian - the quarterly Journal of the Hampshire Genealogical Society in the UK.
Its approx 80 pages each issue - must get back to the September draft!
Was appointed to the post in September 2006.

Tony Knight

80 pages!!! That's a huge number. What size pages, A5? That must be a real struggle to fill. Do you incorporate advertisments etc?
Yes it is A5 - we have not previously included adverts but this is something we are looking into with a view to offsetting costs.
Hello, I am the new editor of "The Beacon," the newsletter of the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society in Washington State. "The Beacon" is published monthly, except July and August---so I fancy I've some time to get ready for the next issue. This is my first editorship.

I look forward to learning a lot from this group.
Hello. I am on the Crossroads committee for the Utah Genealogical Association. We publish quarterly. I currently am writing a quarterly column on Utah research with each column focusing on a specific county. I look forward to discussion issues relative to writing and publishing in Genealogy with others involved in the same thing.

Christy Fillerup
It is interesting to learn about the publications and work of other writers and editors in this field. I'm Myra Vanderpool Gormley -- a retired newspaper woman and syndicated columnist and author of five books. I also have written for various U.S. publications, such as Colonial Homes and Ancestry magazines. One of my favorite experiences was being co-editor/editor of the RootsWeb Review for a number of years. That "job" provided me with contact with family historians around the world who shared their stories and adventures, and taught me some humbling lessons about the English language.
Years ago, I wrote and edited for several Dutch computer publications, including PC Magazine and PC World.
I am the author of Undocumented Windows, the first book about undocumented Windows internals.

For a few years now, I have been maintaining a online magazine on my own domain, where I can publish in English without worrying about deadlines or length limitations :-)
Access is free. It contains articles, news and reviews about technology and genealogy.
It is a bit advanced at times, and I make no excuses for that. There are plenty of sites and publications aimed at beginners already.
Some of the articles, such as the recent series on FTW TEXT, are aimed at genealogy software developers,
but most can be enjoyed by everyone. Readers really seem to like the genealogy software reviews and the GeneAwards.
One of the latest articles is GenealogyWise.
I've written a few articles for my genealogy society's quarterly. My most ambitious project to date bears fruit later this year or early next year. My book on the colonial, territorial, and state censuses of Florida will be out from McFarland. It's called Non-Federal Censuses of Florida, 1784-1945: A Guide to Sources.



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