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Hi What would the abbreviation "begr." stand for? It follows Zuidland, as a place of death in 1750.
Does anyone know of a handy list of Dutch genealogical abbreviations?

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Thank you. It is so obvious once one knows! The FamilySearch list is handy too. Saskia
Begr; means begraven = burial or buried at
geboren or geb means born
overleden or overl means died
Getrouwd or getr means married
Gescheiden or gesch means divorced
zoon van or zn van is son of
dochter or dr van means daughter of
gedoopt or ged. means baptised


   DOes anyone know for sure, the meaning of the terms "Seba" and "Hap?" I have come to believe that they might be some kind of Dutch indicator for "Senior" and "Junior" ??? I have an ancestor, WIllem Hoogteeling who is often referred to in dicuments as "Willem Jansen" (son of Jan WIllemson Hoogteeling, his father). Willem was killed in the Esopus Indian Wars and in an old account of the war I found, it lists the people killed and says "Willem Jansen seba killed..." and also "Willem Jansen Hap killed in door of home." I have never found that WIllem HAD a son but wonder why the two places of death if it's not 2 different people so wonder if the "Seba" and "Hap" indicate senior and Junior or elder and younger?

   ANyone have any idea?






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