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                                        Predating the ''Origin of the name Drysdale''

                                    discredits  the ‘’Creation’’ of the name Drysdale

      The genesis of  the Surname  today  more commonly spelled Drysdale was no folly by the     Douglas's , by far ....A Scandinavian by the name of Ingebald , he was the one that named the river Dryfe .... it ran thru lands granted him by the king . In history There are no references to him firsthand , but a second hand reference written in Latin , from Charter by Robert de Brus to Hugh the son of Ingebald is returned the lands of his father , Held in Drivesdale . [ Drivesdale is on the second line below the yellow bar at the top of the photo below ]

...........this happened 288 years before 1503.
Hugh of Dryfesdale was noted first to use the Surname in the year 1274 on the quitclaim of land of Todrig , which ; [according to POMS] was witnessed by Heirs of Aymer Maxwell | Nicholas of Synton, master | Aymer Maxwell | Maurice, chaplain (Coldstream) | Alexander, clerk (Coldstream) | Coldstream Priory | Richard, chaplain of Bishop William of Glasgow, vicar of Ashkirk | Robert of Coldstream, clerk | Alexander of Synton (II), sheriff of Fife | John of Lilliesleaf | John of Musselburgh
..........this happened 229 years before 1503 .
             Source : infographic - Paradox Of Medieval Scotland 
Here there is a long silence , then in 1488 Gawaine Dryfesdale and Johne Dryfesdale and 4 others ,went on trial . This was for treason against the king at the battle of Sauchie , St.Barnabas Day 15 years before
.........all this happened 15 years before 1503 . 

  • Publication of the ''1503 Drysdale Document'' first was in print in the Dunfermline Press , a sensationalist tabloid , on 30 Sept.,1863
    .........all this happened 360 years after 1503
    Clan Johnstone has no record of it , at least that I can find , one would think a rival clan would take note , and mark a dark day for 14 of their own being slaughtered , yet , by comparison the Maxwells were nearly wiped from the face of the earth by the Johnstones in the battle at Dryfe sands.
  • 14 of the Johnstones  men die and its a just a beautiful day in the Neighborhood for every other Douglas ?  Has no one paused right here - and applied a bit of critical thought ?  For myself this is what tipped the scales from  a  plausible possibility  to utter rubbish . Justice in the form of swift  retribution was the order of the day . 
  • I ask , How can you create what already exists ?????
    bottom line tell a lie till it becomes a truth

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