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Hi I have a 2nd great grandfather  Adam Drysdale Balfour he was born 1825 Dunfirmline Fife Scotland out of 10 children only 4 had 2 Christian names, I can't find a relative of his with the name Drysdale so trying to work out under Scottish naming rules where it came from. He was the 4th son  and 6th child in the family. 

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I can't find a relative of his with the name Drysdale ....... I have no earthly idea why some one with another surname would want to  give their kid a middle name as drysdale and not be related some how ,  second name answers , none are to be had I am sorry to say

.Also Scottish naming rules are road apples at best , not every one followed them ,if they applied , my name would be Orvin, so naming rules  a road to nowhere , if I were you , I would look for something more tangible .

Thank you. I wondered if you were able to shed any light on it.  I guess it may have been the surname of some sort of friend 

Thanks again

 look at your inbox hun , It may be an answer ... 





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