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Although there are some who may take issue, the Douglas Archives is the premiere website for those researching their Douglas ancestors, or for seeking historical facts about this famous family.

The Douglas Archives are held in two sections: History and Genealogy. We also have a networking community, similar to these pages.

Our History Section contains over 1000 biographies, details of battles in which Douglases fought, castles in which they lived, crests they wear, and many other details.

The Genealogy Section is a database of around 150,000 names, all connected with the Douglas family. This is fully searchable.

Of course, the Douglas Archives are far from complete, and open to discussion. If you are a Douglas, and your details are not complete, or are incorrect, then you need to tell us! Use the Community Network as a way of telling your Douglas story.

If you family is a sept of the Douglases, then please feel part of the family. You will be very welcome.

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I have just spent 1/2 hour running through the names in the database and I have not found any of my relatives in it.

I will have to check the Community Network pages
The easiest for me is if there is a gedcom I can use (if it is a large number of names), otherwise just a simple list of names and details will suffice.

Thank you for the offer,

Please note that the Genealogy Section pointer is missing and doesn't work

Thank you - fixed!
I'll create a list for you shortly and get it to you. Thanks

I had the wrong sister. It is Mary Tudor that is my 13th Ggrandmother

The Douglas site descends as far as William Douglas of Brigton and his wife Elizabeth Graham.

My ged file carries on from there in a simple list. I left a lot of ancestors out .
Thanks for adding the info I gave you. It opened quite an expansion to my info

Yes - and mine too!

I still want to know where the 'title' lies now - and how it was acquired in the first place.




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