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The earliest people I know on the family tree are William Doidge born abt. 1725 in Calstock Cornwall. He  married Mary and they had William Doidge b. 14 April 1749 in Calstock, John Doidge b. 22 Sep 1752 married Jane Diamond, George Doidge b. 17 Jan 1754 married Ann and Nicholas Doidge b. 22 Oct 1757 married Mary Rowe. The dates may be christening dates as  St. Pethwin is noted beside George and Nicholas. I see on the map that there is a direct line between Milton Abbey through Calstock to Bere Ferrers on the coast. Does anyone have any earlier information?

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Hello Lyn, what is the source of your William DOIDGE bn abt. 1725, Calstock and his wife Mary please?

What is the source of their 4 sons, William, John, George and Nicholas, their wives and dates please???

What is the source of finding (christening) dates in "St. Pethwin" please?

What 'coast'[al] region did you find Bere Ferrers in?

What confirmed it for you, that Mary ROWE married Nicholas DOIDGE, son of Mary and William DOIDGE?

Do you know if John DOIDGE re-married?

Thank you

Hello Lyn Nicol... Are you out there????

Glad to hear from you Hilton.  My sister  obtained the  information from church records . She wrote to a minister about 25 years ago. As far as I know John Doidge did not marry again, he and Jane had 8 children before she died in 1788.  Bere Ferrers is located on the estuary arm that stretches up to the right from the coast at Plymouth Cornwall.  My cousin visited there about 20 years ago and he said it was a charming little village then. I am descended from Georgina Doidge daughter of John Hancock Doidge.

Hi Lyn, I thought you may have descended from Georgina by the inclusion of "WADE" in your Profile...

I'll try and re-word my line of queries... What is your confirmation that William DOIDGE bn abt. 1725, Calstock, is indeed an ancestor of Georgina WADE nee DOIDGE?

What is your confirmed source that convinced you that John DOIDGE, who married Jane DIAMOND, is indeed son of William DOIDGE bn abt. 1725, Calstock.

What has convinced you that John DOIDGE, who married Jane DIAMOND, was born/christened 22 Sep. 1752?

Thank you for any answers...

The confirmation I have is from the information sent to my sister by the minister. We have most of the christening dates  and some  marriage and death dates of our direct line from Georgina back to John son of William. Only an approximate date for William. We also have the dates and names of the children in the families.  The only one I have obtained an official marriage printout for is John Hancock and Harriet Bailey.

Hi Lyn, what I have gleaned from what you have said, is that the minister held confirmed records at the church, which were sent to your sister, which stated who Georgina’s father, grandfather, great-grandfather, 2x great-grandfather and 3x great-grandfather were... That is quite remarkable, that a church would have all that information on a single individual...

What is the name of the church and the then minister please...? I would like to maybe write to the church or at least check that info...

As you have probably read in an earlier entry, I also descend from John Hancock DOIDGE and I would dearly like to know the ‘confirmed’ source that states that John DOIDGE who married Jane DIAMOND, is indeed the son of a Mary and William DOIDGE...

I would also like to know the source that states that John DOIDGE who married Jane DIAMOND was indeed born/baptised 22 Sep 1752.

I would like to know what was included in the information sent to your sister by a minister as I am having difficulty in finding parish records etc that say who John DOIDGE’s parents were and indeed what his birth/baptism date and place was.

Many thanks

I phoned my sister about your questions  and she said that a Minister from a church in Bere Ferrers sent her all the information. She originally wrote to the postmaster there and does not know all the steps the process went through to contact the Minister. This all happened in the 1970's but she is certain that the information  the Minister sent her came from church records in the area.   John Doidge b 1752 was born in Calstock Cornwall so maybe you could check the Parish there .According to our information his parents William and Mary were also born in Calstock.  The other venue would be the parish church in Bere Ferrers. Peter Diamond Doidge( b 17 Feb 1778 )who married Ann Foot seems to be the ancestor who moved from Calstock to Bere Ferrers.  It seems the family lived in the same area for a few hundred years so I don't find it strange that the records of several generations were accessible.  I don't know how far  Calstock is from Bere Ferrers but they are about an inch apart on the map I have so I don't think it is more than about 50 miles.  Good Luck

Thank you Lyn for your prompt reply...

In the past, I have checked with the OPC for Calstock and I have also read through the Calstock Parish Records [Actual Images of Parish Registration Books] There are no birth/baptism for a John DOIDGE in 1752 in Calstock. [However there has been, over the years, an entry on IGI for a John DOIDGE Chr. 22 September 1752 in South Petherwin, Cornwall. England. Parents Wm DOIDGE and Mary. This is an unconfirmed entry submitted by a church member so there is no validity attached to it.]

The only one near that year in Calstock is a John DOIDGE bapt, 5 Feb. 1748, parents Samuel and Mary. Hence why I am interested as to your source that says that ‘John DOIDGE b 1752, who married Jane DIAMOND, is son of William and Mary’... Do you know where this William and Mary were married?... Do you know this Mary’s maiden name please?

Re your comment from your sister...

“...she is certain that the information  the Minister sent her came from church records in the area...”

So you don’t have any proof that the info was from actual ‘Parish Records’ or have I read that wrong...???


I have been searching for the parents of the John DOIDGE, who married Jane DIAMOND, for about 24 years, still no luck...

I also don’t have confirmed parents of Ann FOOT... Do you or your sister know who they are please?... And the source please. [I have the possibility of a Thomas FOOT and a Joan ROWE, but no actual confirmed source]


Lyn, I don’t ‘find it strange that the records of several generations were accessible’... But what I did say was, I found it ‘quite remarkable’ that  a parish minister in Bere Ferrers not only held records for a particular family at his parish but also the records of the same family from a neighbouring Parish to include generations of that same family and knew the ancestral relationship from Georgina back 6 generations???...


I am assuming you are related to the WADE family in Whitford?... My paternal grandfather and great-grandmother are both buried in Waikopua Cemetery in Whitford.


Lyn, if you or your sister would like to carry on this conversation, OFF this public group list, my email address is

Hi Lyn... I have received, this morning, yet another reply from another online parish clerk [OPC] who says that looking at PR's there is 'no John baptised in 1752 in South Petherwin' either, so no John bapt. in 1752 in either Calstock or South Petherwin... Unless a DOIDGE researcher reading this has proof to the contrary... Lyn, do you have a death date [registration record] for the John DOIDGE who married Jane DIAMOND please? It may have an 'age at death' attached, this could determine an approx. birth date/year???

So it looks like the options for a John DOIDGE who married Jane DIAMOND could be...

John DOIDGE bapt. 1744, St. Germans, Cornwall, parents, John and Dinah

John DOIDGE bapt. 1748, Calstock, Cornwall, parents, Saml. and Mary

To any DOIDGE researchers reading this... Do you have either of these two John DOIDGE in your research???

Hi Hilton, The date I have for John Doidge is 22 Sept 1752 and it is recorded as a birth date not a christening date so I don't know what the story is with the records, or if the Minister got it wrong.  Maybe he was baptized at a later date. The marriage date is 2 May 1774. I don't have a death record.

Hi Lyn... Thank you for your reply... Can you pin-point the actual source of the date for "John Doidge is 22 Sept 1752" ... The source that the minister used???... Name of church etc... And also the source that actually says that John is son of William and Mary...





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