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I'm not sure whether or not this group is the best place to ask this question, but since it does involve a cemetery I thought it was worth a try.

I have a family group sheet that my father had. I don't recognize the name of the person who compiled it, but I assume it was someone related to the family and that my grandparents were given a copy, and that they either gave a copy to my father or he got their copy after they died. Most of the information recorded on it was taken from a family Bible which belonged to my great-grandmother's sister. It lists my great-grandmother's death date as 9 July 1959 and her death place as Brewerton, New York. It also says that she is buried in Cedarville, New York. One of her sisters died in Cedarville, New York on 12 February 1929 and was buried there, and although I don't know when her sister's husband died, apparently he was buried in Cedarville too.

It would be nice to find an obituary or a death certificate for my great-grandmother...but there is a problem! The only husband listed for her on the family group sheet is my great-grandfather. My great-grandparents divorced. In 1930 my great-grandmother and my grandfather were still living in Chicago, Illinois. My great-grandmother eventually remarried and apparently moved to New York at some point (I'm not sure if she moved first or remarried first). My father remembers that her husband's name was Bill, but does not remember his last name. So since I have no idea what her last name was when she died, it will be difficult to find a death certificate or an obituary. And it would also be nice to know what her husband's name was!

I believe Cedarville, New York is a small town. Since her sister and brother-in-law are also buried in Cedarville, I'm guessing that it's the same cemetery (there may be only one there), and they very well may be buried near each other. And I know their names. Her second husband may be there too. I checked the distance on MapQuest, and Cedarville, New York is 3 hours, 47 minutes (222.88 miles) away from me...not that close, but not so far that I couldn't make the trip. Is my best bet going to the cemetery?

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I would go to the cemetery, definitely, but then I like cemeteries and would want to visit it anyway and take pictures if it was that close for a direct relative. But, until you can make it over there, you might check on-line. The GENWEB for the county where she is buried might list the cemetery, or you may find it on-line on another site. There may be a historical society in the area which has done a graveyard survey. The county library might have more information. Many cemeteries also have offices which you can call. They usually have records on the family. I would be dying of curiousity and would be ready to go immediately!

Road Trip!!!
If you know other members of the family are buried there it might be worth the trip. You could post a photo request on find-a-grave for your aunt and request photos of other nearby stones.

Have you tried searching newspapers for the names of survivors to try to find her obit? I'm not sure what papers from Herkimer County are available but since Brewerton straddles both Oswego and Onondaga counties I would do some searching at Old Fulton Post Cards.

You could also call the County Clerks for both Oswego and Onondaga and see if they can search a specific date. Hopefully her parents names would be on the death certificate and they could find it that way.

Also on the Onondaga County message board they are great about doing obit look ups. Since you have a date, someone might be able to find it that way.



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