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I figured I'd get off my duff and participate.  My Cruwys line (as I have it) goes:
Thomasine Cruse, b. 1425, m. Richard Pollard
Robert Cruse, b. 1400
Robert Cruwys, 1369-1406. 
Alexander Cruwys, 1326-1387, m. Julian UNK
Sir Robert Cruwys, 1299-1360, m. Isabel de St. Aubyn
Sir Alexander Cruwys, 1274-1331, m. Constance UNK
Sir Robert Cruwys, 1237-1310, m. Matilda FitzPayn
Sir Alexander Cruwys, 1212-1280

Does anyone connect?  Have more/better info?

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I've accumulated lots of material on the early generations of the Cruwys family but haven't yet attempted to put it into any reasonable order. I'm a bit confused about your Pollards. Do you have documentation to prove the link back to Thomasine Cruse? I understood that Thomasina was the daughter of Robert Cruse and Margaret Corun. According to the Cruwys Morchard Notebook Robert died in 1411. He became Lord of the Manor in 1382 when he was still a minor. In 1426 Richard Pollard was one of three people presented to East Anstey. I always presumed that this Richard Pollard was Thomasine's wife. This does not however accord with your 1425 birthdate for Thomasina.

I also have a summary of this document from the Cruwys Morchard House collection (in private hands) which suggests that Richard and Thomasina had already married by 1413:

(Doc. no. 89)
20 Sep 1st K Hen V
Richard POLLARD bound to John CRUWYS in £100 to be paid at following Christmas
(Thomasina wife of Richard Pollard)
Arbitrators for RP and JC Henry FOLEFORD, Nicholas BROMFORD, Walter POLLARD and John PRIDEAUX.
Hi Debbie,
Thanks for your reply. This is exactly why I posted...I've basically gotten back this far on OPTs (Other People's Trees), a bad practice I know; but when there's nothing else to go on, it's a start. I've also tried to use info from various other sources available on the internet (old books, etc). In any event, it wouldn't surprise me if the 1425 date for Thomasine/Thomasina were off. It's also possible that I'm missing a generation. I have the daughter of Thomasine Cruse and Richard Pollard as Elizabeth Pollard, b. 1447 who married Humphrey Poyntz (1434-1487) about 1466.

To be off by 5 years or so at this time period isn't so distressing, but to be off 30 years or so makes me think I'm missing a generation somewhere.

Are there any online resources you might direct me toward to try to fix my info?
Debbie, I looked again, and in my tree the Robert Cruwys/Margaret Corun/Cornu union are the GRANDparents of the Thomasine who married Richard Pollard, not the parents, although I do have a daughter (aunt to my Thomasine) of Robert & Margaret also named Thomasine.

What does it mean to be 'presented to East Antsey'?
Magna Brittanica is a good source:

There is a mention on the East Anstey page of the Pollard/Poyntz marriage but no date is given.

You can access the Heralds’ Visitations on Nigel Batty-Smith’s website. The older ones tend to be the more accurate ones:

There are an awful lot of contradictory and unreliable pedigrees published on the internet and they are probably best ignored. I would suggest you try and see if there are any Inquisitions Post Mortem for the Pollards. You'd have to see if you can order copies from the West Country Studies Library in Exeter. You could also see if there are any wills on the Documents Online website:

I've not tried to research the Pollards as I'm still trying to work on the early Cruwys Morchard tree. I'm hoping to get some of the early Cruwys documents up on Genuki in due course.

"Presented" is a term which is used in the Episcopal Registers. I think it means that someone is put forward as a candidate to be rector but I'm not sure.



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