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For the GRIPE and CRIPE families throughout the USA, probably the ancestor to most of them is this German named Jacob Greib. I am by no means an expert in the CRIPE descendency, nor on Jacob Greib himself, however I provide this detail that I exported from my family tree. Be aware that most of the details come from other great CRIPE genealogists, I am simply excerpting them here to introduce Jacob Greib. Any errors are most likely mine, not someone else's; let me know if you find a correction.

Jacob Greib was born on 8 Aug 1712 in Baden, Baden, Germany. He has Ancestral File Number FMVC-4M. He has Ancestral File Number 1VJ2-ZFF. Jacob Grieb lived in Germany near the sea. According to oral tradition, Jacob, a cooper by trade, may have killed a college student who slipped into his shop through a narrow opening. As a cooper, he had a long, heavy knife with a cord attached. He usually threw this knife into whichever pole he wanted for making hoops and pulled it to him. He threw his knife and may have killed a student. The ship, "Brigantine Richard and Elizabeth" was sailing for America and he slipped aboard unnoticed until the ship was at sea. He was a cooper before 1733 in Germany. He looks like Jacob Greib and might have changed his name upon immigrating. Also, he might be Amish or Anabaptist, since both Baden Germany and Huntingdon CO, PA were both locations for lots of Amish folks. As of after 1733, he was also known as Jacob Cripe. He immigrated on 28 Sep 1733 to Philadelphia, PA, USA, from the Rhineland Palatine State of Germany along with 143 Palatines, he was a stowaway on the ship brigantine "Richard and Elizabeth", where he signed in his own hand for the tolls: "Jacob Gripe, 21." He married Elizabeth Ulrich, daughter of Stephen Ulrich Sr, in 1740 in York Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, USA. He and Elizabeth Ulrich had 10 children as follows: John Sr (1744), Jacob Cripe (Gripe Jr) (1745), Susannah (1748), Elizabeth (1751), Daniel Cripe Sr (1754), Mary (1756), Catherine (1759), Samuel (1761), Esther (1762), and Hannah (1767). He lived in 1743 in Lancaster Co, PA, USA, where he owned 150 acres. He was a Dunkard in Franktown twp, Bedford Co, PA, USA. He lived between 1765 and 1776 in Franktown twp, Bedford Co, PA, USA. He died in 1801 in Franktown Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA, USA. He was buried after 1801 in Huntingdon Co, PA, USA.

So, that's what I know about Jacob Greib, or what I have hypothesized based on other sources. I am a tenth-generation descendent of Jacob Grieb. How about you?

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