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Looking for a Danny Lynn or a Earl Corley in texas any help would make a difference.

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Hi Kimberly,

It would help if you gave some details like dates or at least rough time periods, locations such as counties or at least genral area such as South Texas, Dallas area, West Texas, Panhandle, etc. and children or siblings names?.  If you give some details I see what I can find.

Tom Caulley

Thank You Thomas.  There is little information right now.  I know that the family was from Cisco Texas. Danny would be in his 60's.  He was previously married before he met my mother and had two little girls. He was in San antonio at the time of meeting my mother and was a Geologist working for a road building company.  It is believed that he once lived in Irving Texas.  I am sorry this all I have right now.  I just recently discovered that Danny was my Biological father.

My Birthdate is 01-14-1978 so He would have been living in San Antonio in 1977

His brothers name was Earl  Corley

I'll see what, if anything I can find.  The problem is most records between 1930 and now are not made public for privacy reasons.  I'll let you know if anything turns up.

Was Earl older or younger than Danny?

Have you tried the message boards?  They are located at  and at

Tom Caulley

Here are all the Danny / Daniel Corleys born in TX between 1940 and 1950

     Name             Birth Date     Birth County     Father's Name             Mother's name     

    Danny Michael Corley     22 May 1945     Dallas         Alvin Lee Corley Jr.         Charline Fay Williams         Danny Earl Corley     23 Oct 1946     Callahan                       Lenora Smith         
    Danny Lee Corley     12 May 1947     Harris         Roy C Corley             Ollie Viola Cobb         Roy Daniel Corley     14 Oct 1954     Eastland     R D Corley             Dixie Lee Weiss         Robert Dan Corley     26 Oct 1941     Dawson     Daniel Charles Corley         Katie Lee Garrett         Robert Daniel Corley     16 Dec 1945     Dallas         Quentin Durward Corley Jr.     Elizabeth Anne Pratt         Dan Alan Corley     13 Nov 1950     Taylor         Paul Archer Corley         Dorothy Jean Long         Michael Dan Corley     19 Sep 1939     Bowie         L L Corley             Grace Talbot         
    Daniel Buckley Corley     5 Feb 1952     Harris         Owen Morrison Corley         Florence Anna Buckley         Thomas Daniel Corley     20 Aug 1937     McLennan     Christopher Columb Corley     Augusta Laverne Fortune     Daniel Verdean Corley  24 Feb 1953     Hidalgo     Billy Jack Corley         Nanciann Thomas

Not sure if Earl was older or younger.  Thank you for all your help.  I will keep digging till I find something.

I suspect he was the Danny Earl Corley born in Callahan Co.  Callahan Co borders Eastland Co which is the county where you find Cisco TX.

I also found a birth of a girl in Tom Green Co as follows:

Lisa Michelle Corley
Event: Birth
Event Date: 18 Feb 1969
Event Place: Tom Green, Texas
Gender: Female
Father: Danny Earl Corley

Mary Louise Bray

Here's  another female child in Tom Green Co.  Since you said your Danny had been married earlier and had 2 daughters, this could be him:

Name: Cynthia Lynn Corley
Event: Birth
Event Date: 12 Jul 1970
Event Place: Tom Green, Texas
Gender: Female
Father: Danny E Corley
Mother: Mary Louise Bray
Wow. I think think this might
be it. I am trully amazed at the possibility. I can never repay you
for the help and the concern. There are no words. Thank u so much. I'm gonna see how this pans out and keep you updated



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