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I know of, at least two of my ARNEY ancestors, from Tennessee, that fought during the American Civil War, William Ervin ARNEY and A.C. ARNEY.


William Ervin ARNEY (1841-1887)


Plus any other ARNEY's from Tennessee


I'm especially looking for any military record, documents, etc.


I know that during this era, photographs were taken of many men, so if a photograph exists of either of these men (especially William Ervin ARNEY), I'm seeking a copy of it.


Also, of pensions, for William Ervin ARNEY, it would be a "widow's pension"


I don't know that much about A.C. ARNEY, but he was a brother of William Ervin ARNEY, so any documentation or information, would be extremely helpful.


I seek, what I term DTP (Definitive Tangible Proof), which can be, but is not limited to, birth/baptism records, church records, marriage records, land deals (purchases/sales), death records/certificates, grave markers, tax rolls, probate records, military records, Wills, etc.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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Arneys who served in Tennessee units:


Arneys who applied for Tennessee Confederate Pensions:


Arney, John J. Maury S5105 29th Va. Inf.
Arney, William Ervin Pickett W5372 Arney, Sallie



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