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I have an ancestor who's marriage record is listed in the Drouins as 07/14/1835 in Saint Ours, Quebec. It does not give his parents names but instead lists him as 'of age'. I have a guesstimate date for his birth based off of census materials as 1810. Is there anyway of tracing his parentage like maybe articles in a local paper...oh yeah - i don't speak or read french. I believe his death certificate lists his parents as Joseph Mathieu and M. Josephte Papillon, I would just really like to find a record of his birth. The only Michel Mathieu I see in St Ours was born 5 years ahead of the date given through census records and his father is Francois Mathieu. Any help with this would be wonderful!

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I am hoping to get to my local Franch Canadian society on Wednesday so if you are still looking for this information I can see waht I can find for you then.


I was born in Montreal and now live in Ontario, but my research and experience has taught me that dates in quebec can be wrong up to 10 years + or -.
Just so you know
I was able to find him!!!



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