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I have been searching for more information about my Great-Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Goldsmith, who came from the Barkingside Girls Village Homes to Quebec in October of 1893.  I have just recently found more information as to the ship on which she sailed.  I know very little of what happened to her between that time and her marriage to my Great-Grandfather in November of 1898, other than she gave birth to a son, apparently from being taken advantage of by one of her "employers," in 1897.


My second cousin and I also suspect that her husband, Thomas Joseph Gradwell, or as we now suspect, Thomas Joseph Wells, was also a British Home Child, although probably not from one of the Barnardo homes.  We have some evidence that leads us to believe that he and his younger sister, Margaret, may have come with a group led by Annie MacPherson, at some time before Mary Goldsmith arrived.


I'd like to find out about how to obtain more information, as well as share any leads I may find along the way!




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