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From the records I've seen of my father-in-law's family, the farthest Batty we have is that of a John Batty b 1713 in Brierley, Yorkshire, England, England death info unknown. The record I'm looking at for some strange reason does not include marriage date and place for any marriages, only the name of the spouse, if known. I will let my father-in-law fill in any info on that regard as he is now a member of this site and soon to be of this group. Back to the point, the above John Batty would be my husbands 6th great grandfather who was married to Elizabeth Shiletto b about 1720 Of Hemsworth, Yorks, England death info unknown.

5th gg - Edward Batty b 20 Nov 1748 Shafton, Yorks, England - d 3 Feb 1835 Monte Bruttan, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - married Sarah Stayton b 24 Jun 1753 Cudwoarth, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - d 7 Aug 1823 Monte Bruttan, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng

4th gg - George Batty b 18 Mar 1776 Shofton, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - d about Apr 1866 Tankersley Pilley, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - married Hannah Lancashire b 18 Mar 1788 , Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - d 1 Apr 1870 Monk, Britton, Eng, Eng

3rd gg - George Batty b 14 Apr 1819 West Melton, Yorks, England - d 26 Jan 1895 Toquerville, Washington, Ut., U.S.A - married Encora Woodcock b 15 Oct 1822 Tankersley Pilley, Yorkshire, Eng, Eng - d 26 Feb 1899 Toquerville, Washington, Ut., U.S.A

2nd gg - John Batty b 24 Oct 1845 Pilley, Yorkshire, England - d 17 Aug 1918 Panguitch, Garfield, Ut, U.S.A - married Mary Ann Duffin b 29 Jan 1852 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut., U.S.A - d 14 Aug 1922 Toquerville, Washington, Ut., U.S.A

gg - George Isaac Batty b 6 May 1871 Toquerville, Washington, Ut., U.S.A - d 3 Jun 1953 Loa, Wayne, Ut., U.S.A - married Nellie Sylvester b 9 Mar 1884 Pintura, Washington, Ut, U.S.A - d 1 Feb 1935 St. George, Washington, Ut., U.S.A

I will leave it here. If my father-in-law so chooses to post a reply with his parents info, that is up to him. He knows way more about this line than I possibly ever will, so all inquiries should be directed to him and will most likely be forwarded to him as sent to me. His name is Joseph Batty. Thank you.

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