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Do you have spare time on your hands and need a hobby? You can become a transcriber for You do not need to live in Arkansas, just have the interest helping others. We will send you the photos and all you have to do is sit at the computer and upload them.
Or if you would rather get your exercise, we can always use people who like to photograph cemeteries. You can take the photos and if you can't uupload them, we will do it for you. If interested please go to to find the county or district coordinator for your county. Look forward to meeting you.

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I dont live in Arkansas but am willing to upload photos to help out. How do I get set up to help? I went into the website to put in names at cemeteries (I have a few cemetery books) and I cant figure out how to do it without having a photo?
If you will send me your address to AGFULLERJR@YAHOO.COM we will get you set up. Thank You Kat
I'd be willing to do it. I live in Madison County and have family in several cemeteries. have visited several taking pictures of my family.
Hi Jamie,
I am going to put you in contact with Annette Shaw who is the District Coordinator Annette Shaw and Wilma Fields she is the County Coordinator. Also if you will go to you will find more information. Thank you for joining our little family. Kat

Preserving history one grave at a time.
I forgot, If you will e-mail me at AGFULLERJR@YAHOO.COM and send me you e-mail addy. Kat
Hey, you're famous! I went to that site listed above and saw your name and picture. Great work all of you are doing.





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