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I'm looking for information on Flavin in Ontario at the moment, I saw familysearch showed my ancestors there but the information listed is scant. Would anyone have access and could maybe look up a few for me there as they are listed there too in church records??? I no longer have a subscription myself. Here's one just so you can see what I mean:

name: James Flavin event: Death event date: 31 May 1935 event place: Toronto, , Ontario age: 56 estimated birth year: 1879 father: James Flavin mother: Sara Dunlop  (**she also died in Ontario- Wentworth)

thank you in advance for any help that might be offered.


here's a sample from

Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-... Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries 

Name: James Flavin

year - city, Ontario




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Ancestry is showing a James Flavin born in Thunder Bay, Ontario to Patrick Flavin and Brigit Fitzgerald on 8 Nov 1872.  

There is another James Flavin listed in the 1881 census for the East Forest district of Ontario born in 1857 living with an Elizabeth born in 1832 and a William born in 1859.

The only James Flavin and Sarah Dunlap I see were in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and that is from a family tree on ancestry.  That James was born in 1829 in Nova Scotia and died in 1893 in New Brunswick.  I do see the record on Family Search that you are referencing for a James Flavin born in 1859 to James and Sarah, but do not see it on ancestry.

If you let me know which James you are interested in I can send you the images from ancestry.  My email is hgroves at krenim dot org.


Actually I just found the death certificate you are looking for - James Flavin, son of James Flavin and Mary Dunlop, both of Canada, and who was born 4 May 1879 and died 31st May 1935 in Hamilton, Ontario from gastric carcinoma.  It wasn't on the US Ancestry site, but was on the Canadian site.   

wow, does it really say Mary Dunlop? All other records list her as Sarah Dunlop, hmmm another "mystery" thanks so much!!

Someone sent me this too, so trying to find out more:

Toronto Star June 1, 1935


Seven war veteran patients at Christie St. Hospital died this week. The soldiers who died yesterday were.....James Flavin, 86th Battalion, of Hamilton....will be buried in Hamilton.

Altho' he died in Toronto, he was a resident of Hamilton (224 John Street East). The informant on his death certificate is his sister, Mrs. F. Woolcott, of the same address in Hamilton. He was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hamilton. He was listed as single.

the tree you speak of is probably mine on :)

It doesn't sound like the birth dates match up though, hmmm, grr all my data's on my own pc which is down at the moment, will have to see what I can find. I believe all of my James & Sarah's kids baptisms etc are in the Drouin records there or at least most of them. Feel free to look at my tree if that helps at all.

Is it possible you could send me this 1891 census too? I believe this to be James (above)'s brother's (Henry), wife and family, it would be much appreciated, she would be Rebecca J. Smith, died 1932 got her info from

name:                           Rebecca Flavin                                   
gender:                           Female                                   
age:                           45                                   
estimated birth year:                           1846                                   
birthplace:                           Nova Scotia                                   
marital status:                           Married                                   
religion:                           Free Church                                   
province:                           Nova Scotia
district:                           Pictou                                   
district number:                           39                                   


name: Hennry Flavin
gender: Male
age: 30y
calculated birth year: 1851
birthplace: New Brunswick
marital status:
occupation: Shoemaker
ethnic origin: Irish
religion: Presbyterian
head of household: Hennry Flavin
born during last year:
census place: Gulf Shore, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
1871 census James & Sarah are in Dorchester, N.B. (GROSSLY MISSPELLED)
Household Members: Name Age
James Flanders 45
Sarah Flanders 40
Henry Flanders 20
John Flanders 17
Sarah I Flanders 13
Isabella Flanders 9
Edward Flanders 5
James W Flanders 3
1881 they are in Moncton, N.B.
Household Members: Name Age
James Flavan 54
Sarah Flavan 50
Sarah J. Flavan 23
Isabell Flavan 18
Edward Flavan 14
James Flavan 12
Mary Flavan 9
1891 THEY ARE STILL IN mONCTON, n.b. another bad spelling.
Household Members: Name Age
James Flarven 62
Sarah Flarven 55
James Flarven 22
1893 James Sr. passed away
Sarah (Flaving) LOL died in Wentworth.



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