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I am interested in taking classes, does anyone know where I should start?

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Hi Melissa,

Methodology part 1 gives a nice overview of the research process if you are just getting started. The two internet classes in the basic level are pretty general as well. Good luck!


Thanks!  I have been doing research for years and now I am wondering if I should start taking classes  and I appreciate your help!

I have also been doing research for many years and graduated from the BU genealogy certificate program this past Spring. The methodology class was very basic and you will probably complete it in just a few days. I actually took the Land Records class first and found it to be very interesting and learned a lot. The Religious Records class was very good also. What's nice about this program is that you move along at your own pace. if you have a lot of experience, I'd suggest taking a class you are interested in to see if the program is something you'd like to pursue.





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