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Let us know what you are doing in your current Allen researches. This is a place for you to post your ongoing research with us, and anything you have found that may be helpful to other researchers. For instance, if you have tracked down the correct answer to conflicting information, this is the place to put that.

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My ancestor, Martha Allen born circa 1785, married Lawrence Breyer in London in 1815. Her father Thomas Allen was from Germany according to a family history that has been passed down through a few generations of researchers(or family history keepers, LOL)

Thomas was a Grocer, (he married a Martha Roberts) who left Germany for London-here are his children

Thomas: Silversmith
Richard: Silversmith and Soldier
Edward: Silversmith and British Army soldier
*Martha married Lawrence Breyer
Henry: Baker, later went to Australia became auctioneer, had large family
one other child, name forgotten

Lawrence and Martha made separate trips to the US. I believe Martha came first, but I'm not positive, I have the immigration record for her and her children, including an 8 month old. Lawrence was a sugar maker. He was buried in Philadelphia in 1845. Martha survived him by 31 years(if I have my Martha right...too many Marthas, LOL)

To be honest I haven't researched much of my Allen line recently- my Breyer line marries into my Fletcher line in 1840 in Philadelphia.

Any ideas or anyone else with this line?




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