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Are you stuck someplace in your Allen line? Post the details here, maybe someone else can help.

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Benjamin Allen, b. abt 1812 in either Ohio or Missouri. Conflicting census information is making this difficult! Wife Neoma b. abt 1817 - no other information on her, no idea on her maiden name!
I have a Jane Allen. She was born in Port Washington, Queens Co., New York about 1813. She died on 17 August 1888 in Glen Cove, Queens Co., New York. She married John Davis about 1839.He was born in August 1806 and died on 1 Feb. 1884 in Lattingtown, Queens Co., New York. She was John's second wife and their children were Henry, Richard, Ella and Albert. John owned a grocery store and they lived in Lattingtown and are both buried in the Locust Valley Cemetery, Locust Valley, N.Y. There were a number of ALLEN families in the area, but I have searched available church and other vital records,as well as searched many probate records, but have not been able to find a marriage record or to connect her with any of the families. Does anyone have any information on her ?
I'm hoping someone might be able to help me go farther back on my direct line:

Micah Allen married Mary Pearson (or possibly Mary White) in 1734, most likely somewhere in Massachusetts. They had 11 children. Both the oldest son, Micah (b.1735, d.1812), and the youngest daughter, Silence (b.1757, d.1834), are direct line ancestors of mine. Micah (senior) and Mary both died of smallpox in Boston, 1779.

I'd love to find out who Micah's parents were, or where and when he was born.
Im kind of at a dead end at the moment in my Allen research I have the following.

Me- William Bernard Allen - Fl.

My father- William Bernard Allen born in Moline IL.

My Grandfather James Elwood Allen Born in mercer county IL.

My Great Grandfather William Louis Allen born in Decatur Tx. 1879

Great Great Grandfather Henry Allen - - - -this is my dead end. I hear he was born in Decatur Tx. But I have scoured the records and find no mention of him. I even went to the courthouse in Decatur and found nothing, records of his son William Louis but no sign of old Henry.
I have been researching my family tree since 1983. I have hit a brick wall with my husbands side of the family. His Mother was Mary Dianne ALLEN she was the daughter of Claire Lucille ALLEN-ANDERSEN. However, we do not know who her father is. She was raised by her Maternal Grandparents Granderson Edgar "Jack" ALLEN and Alma Ruby DAPPER-ALLEN. She lived in Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois. Claire was in WWII in the Navy Waves. She relocated to Anaheim, Orange California in 1957, she was married to a Roy A. ANDERSEN and as far as we know he wasnt her father. Claire was a Nurse, she passed away at Anaheim Memorial Hospital in December of 1967. We would desperatly love to find out who his Maternal Grandfather is, but have no clue about how to proceed.

I am also a member of the Allen family. I have gotten as far back as Joseph Allen who married Elizabeth Parker. They came to settle in Moore or Montgomery county in NC. Joseph was a preacher. He had a son that was named Joseph Parker who was also a preacher.

I have just recently found the names of Joseph and Elizabeth's parents. Elizabeth's maiden name was Parker. They named one of their sons Joseph Parker Allen.

I ould like to hear from you, My e-mail address is I hope that I can have my Allen files pulled out and be able to give you more information.

Dee Shelton
Hi, I have a Hannah Allen married to a James Holt. There daughter Priscilla Holt was born Aughust 13, 1679 in Andover, Massachusetts. She married Ephraim Farnum, who was born October 1, 1676 in Andover, Massachusetts. they were married March 20, 1699/00. in Andover, Massachusetts. He died June 9, 1744 in Anover, Massachusetts. She died about 1750 in Andover, Massachusetts.
So I need Hannah Allen's direct ancestors. Scott
Hello Everyone,
I am researching Allens from England(that migrated to America) and have hit the wall you mention:) I came across a handwritten version of our family tree that was created over 20 years ago. I have not been able to verify much and am not even sure these names are correct. This is what I have:
William Allen m. Mary Anne Wakenell. I believe William may have been born around 1812 but I have no dates. Their children were Sarah, Richard and William.
Richard m. Jane Heath in 1870 and had 14 children from 1871-1895. Those that survived were:
Richard who later married Elizabeth
Amelia Mary Jane Allen m. John Roe
Ellen Maud Allen m. Daniel Crowley
Florence Edith Allen
Ernest Frank Allen
Alice Ethel Allen m. Frank Lawson
Walter Arthur Allen
Elizabeth Lucy Allen m. Williard Cook
Archibald Harold Allen
Jessica Emily Allen m. Charles Woodruff
Herbert Henry Allen
Herbert Henry came to the US and m. Gertrude Cammann. Their children were Herbert, Richard and Arthur. Richard is my Great Grandfather. My family tree stops with William and I'm at a dead end. I would love to find descendants of the Allens mentioned above and information on William. His mother's last name may have been King. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know.
Hello, all.

My great-grandfather Erastus Frame married Mary Ellen Allen, 31 April 1876 in Roane County, WV. She was 21 making her birth about 1856 in Tyler County, VA(WV). Erastus was older having been born 2 Jan 1840. On the marriage certificate Erastus is listed as being a carpenter. Her parents are listed as "B." and "Pegg" or "Pegy." This is where I hit a wall. I found a Nicholas B. Allen married to Margaret A Smith (They were married 26 Oct. 1866). who had a dau. Mary A. Allen. The parent's names on Mary Ellen's marriage certificate make them as definite possibilities as the parents but Nicholas' and Margaret's marriage would have occurred 10 years after the birth of Mary Ellen.

Can anyone confirm them as the parents of Mary Ellen. Any help would be much appreciated.
My brick wall is my ggg-grandmother, Sarah Allen's parents. She was born 19 Apr 1820 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. She died 15, July 1912 in Springville, Linn, Iowa. She married Benona Madison Bennett (dated unknown). He was born 21 April, 1812 Rhode Island and died in 1848 in Linn, Linn, Iowa. She had five children with Benona; Ezra, Henry Allen, Mary E, Charles and Jane Phebe. She married a second time to William Linn Corbly 11 July 1855. They had three daughters; Adaline, Victoria and Buene Vista.
There are several people over on Ancestry that have put Ira Allen, brother of Ethan Allen as her father. I do not think this is true nor is it even possible because I see a death date of Ira as 1814 and my grandmother Sarah was born 1820. I do have a portion of her obituary that state "Mrs Corbly claimed relationship with Ethan Allen of Revolutionary fame and her grandfather was a soldier of that war". However she never never said he or his brother was her father.
I believe that's all I have for her. Would LOVE some help.
I am also researching the Allen family. Most of my family lived in Montgomery, Moore or Randolph counties in NC. There were also some Allens living in Orange and Rockingham counties of North Carolina.

I/we have several Allen cousins living now. One of the ladies lives on the last piece of Allen land left in NC. She lives near the Tyra Methodist Church where the Allen cemetery is. My Grandfather Allen was the founder and preacher of Tyra Church.

I have been told that some of the Allen family lived "up north". I would like to correspond with with you and compare notes. I am sure that I have the Eathen Allen you spoke about in your post as one of my family members.

I have pictures of my/ our Great Grandfather and G-Grandmother, they were John Calvin and Wincy Allen (nee Davis). Grandpa did remarry but they had no children from that marriage. If I remember corectly she became step-mother of 9 children. My grandmother Dora Wrenn (nee Allen) told us that the kids loved their step mother the same as their mother---or nearly the same. Evidently she was good to the kids.

If you wish to correspond with me my e-mail address is I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dee Shelton



I'm new here and would like to join the line of ALLEN family researchers who are STUCK. Yes, I have hit the famous brick wall so many times that I have taken many, many breaks over the years just to clear my head. My problem is trying to find information on my ancestor named John ALLEN, who was born in 1841 and raised in Ballycraigy (there are a few ways to spell this word), Larne, County Antrim, Ireland. He arrived in America about 1863 and settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I don't know how long it took him to get from New York to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I know that the stage coach did not go all the way to New Mexico in 1863.


I have a number of records of him buying land and marrying 3 times. The last record I have of him is the 1900 US census, which also lists one child.....but then he just disappears! POOF!  I can't find any other record for him, his wife, or his son anywhere. Anyway, if anyone is able to find ANY information on him after 1900 and he is still in New Mexico, PLEASE let me know. Contact me at:


Thank you,





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