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Pennsylvania to honor descendants of members of the USCT ( United States Colored Troops )

After the Civil War ended, soldiers were invited to a Grand Review of the Armies in Washington, D.C. Thousands of white soldiers paraded through the streets, lauded by crowds of people. The black soldiers who fought in the war were not invited. Black women in Harrisburg were outraged and organized their own Grand Review. Black soldiers from 25 states attended a Review that marched from the capitol to Simon Cameron's Mansion on November 14, 1865. On November 5 -7 this march is being recreated and descendants of the original marchers are being sought. See this website for the details. 

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I personally am interested in members of the USCT with the surname Wolford
Thank you for posting this link. I am a descendant of several Civil War Soldiers from Pennsylvania. Two of my Great-Great Grandfathers were members of the Grand Army of the Republic, and participated in the original march in Harrisburg. I wanted to speak at the event, but my requests have not been responded to. I would love to be there, as I have written two books that refer to those who served in the Civil War. If you get a chance check out my Genealogy Talk Show, Anita Talks Genealogy.

Here is a link to an article I wrote title, Front Center.

Whether or not I attend, my cousins and relatives who live in the area will be there.
Does anyone know if Pvt. Paris W. Bellinger, Co. F, 103rd Regt. U.S. Colored Troops was there? He died 1880, likely Charleston, S.C. I'd like to locate his grave and make sure it has a tombstone; if not get him a Union veteran's one? He wed Clawaech Catherine Bellinger, 1866, on Hilton Island, S.C., and they lived 123 King Street, Charleston. One child, Francis Bellinger, born 1874.

I'm also looking for the grave of Sgt. Theodore Bellinger, Co. C, 128th Colored Troops, who died Gillonsville, S.C., 1866. His mother was Doll Bellinger of Walterboro, S.C., age 54 in 1866. She was the widow of Benjamin Bellinger. Sara P. Bellinger of Charleston and Walterboro, was kin. Jim Miller, Southport, N.C. P.S. Were there any black officers? If so was there a black Capt. Bellinger who was sent for duty at New Orleans?



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