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Pick a likely time period your black Lewis family was in N.C. and then go to the census just before or after that period. Look for counties with the most (white) Lewis families in it, then look to the slave schedule and check out the Lewis families with the most, on down to the least. This might  give you a target county? Jim

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Thanks Jim for the suggestion. I have them in Ohio in 1850, but cannot find them in NC in 1840 or even in Va.
Here is all I have on these two gentlemen.

Randolph Jones born ca. 1804 in Virginia. A Randal Jones with the correct member of his family Lived in Caswell County in 1850. Wife may have been Maria. Found a possible marriagein Fosythe County.

William D Lewis born ca. 1818 in Va or NC conflicting information here. I find him in Ohio in 1850 but have not been able to locate him in either Va. or NC

These the last two families I have to locate. I have kept putting these two off because I haven't had much luck in finding clues.

Hi Beverly,

Has your research led you to Swansboro and Beauford, N.C.?

Jim posted an interesting topic about the black crewmen aboard the privateer "Snap Dragon".

What ae your thoughts on this?

My ancestors were Mulattoes who were lived in Virginia. Two of those ancestors, Ambrose and Charles Lewis were in the Revolutionary War. They were brothers, born in King George County to a white man (John Lewis), and a Mulatto woman named Josephine. After the Revolutionary War, some of the family settled in Fredricksburg and others in Richmond. From those points they scattered throughout the US, Canada, and even Africa. Your Lewis lines may be connected to my Virginia Lewis lines. I will be more than happy to share information.



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