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If we had the names of these Swansboro and Beauford, N.C., area black crewmen of Capt. Otway Burns and Capt. Edward Pasteur's War of 1812 privateer "Snap Dragon", their descendants may be eligible to join the North Carolina War of 1812 Society?

From Lindley S. Butler's book, "Pirates, Privateers, and Rebel Raiders", chapter four, "Otway Burns: The Snap Dragon Sweeps the Western Atlantic".  Capt. Willian R. Graham was a commander on another cruise.  The comments concern Burn's post war career as a legislator: (page 91) "Although he was a slaveowner, his long experience at sea with free sailors led him to support measures that improve the status of all free blacks. He opposed restrictions on the entry of free blacks into the state and voted for individual emancipation of slaves. He worked for the repeal of acts prohibiting education for slaves and restricting free exercise of religion by slaves and free blacks.....(page 90) He also owned eleven slaves, who were involved in his boatbuilding and commercial enterprises and in the operation of his 340-acre plantation on the North River of Carteret County"

I am also interested in the War of 1812 privateer "Betsy", the "Bear Garden Plantation", Dobbs County (defunct) plantation ship of my ancestor Capt. John Murphy, Sr., from Virginia. It was commanded by his son, Capt. Jethro Murphy, shipsmaster. I descend his brother, Capt. William Murphy who shared a Craven Co., N.C., Revolution militia company with his brother, Capt. William Murphy. John Murphy, Sr., attended the New Bern (Continental?) Congress. When the Door Keeper did not show, John Murphy, Sr., was appointed Door Keeper, an office of the congress. He was later killed in a "chariot accidence". My Murphy's, from their portraits, had odd noses. I once showed the mistress of the Benj. Harrison plantation photos of their portraits passed down in wills; she got excited and rushed me upstairs to the Harrison family portraits; they all had the same odd noses. If the same artist did both the Harrison family and Murphy family portraits, that might bolster the notion there was in deed a family connection? Many letters from the 1730's to 1800 still exist. Perhaps Murphy slaves served aboard the "Betsy" as well?

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