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Friends & Family,

Historic African American cemeteries are under attack.
They risk being dug up to make room for developers.
This is happening all over the country.

We must find, identify and protect them!

Those cemeteries that are under seige, like the one in Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter county, Florida, need our help. See:

We must lend our voices and support to the local communities who are fighting to preserve the final resting places of our Ancestors!

Please post here any African Ancestored Cemetery that needs attention and acknowledgment.
Include the state, county, and township. Upload pictures of headstones. Tell us the stories!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

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Funny that you posted this today. I was speaking with my mother this morning after her recent visit to Murfreesboro, TN. She mentioned that one of the most historic African American cemetery s in central TN is currently in dis-repair and under threat to be re-developed. I've posted about it on my site because several of my ancestors are buried there. The name of the cemetery is Benevolent in Tennessee, Rutherford County, the city of Murfreesboro. A history of the cemetery can be found here. A recent news story on how bad things have become can be found here.

My mother spoke to the gentleman in the news story and he is working to exert more pressure on the local pastor to fix the problems.


How imminent is the re-development?
What are the names of the genealogy societies in/near Murfreesboro?
Just sent you message on Twitter. One of my ancestors Dr. J.S. Bass was active in that church, and mentioned on the church's website.
Incredible to read about the cemetery. I believe that one of his daughters is buried right there, before they moved west to Kansas. How tragic!
Zion Cemetery in Memphis--an ongoing project. Watch video on that site.
An on going cemetery in Maryland. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Baltimore MD
Check this video out -- Panasoffkee Cemetery (Sumter County, Florida)

Here's an opportunity to actually see the cemetery.
Big thanks to the videographer. (unknown)

Sorry for the late reply, been out of town. Don't have an answer to either of your questions, but did share your site with the gentleman in the video and (hopefully) he'll reach out to answer your questions and get other involved.
FOX13 Tampa's new story today about the Sumter County cemetery:

Tomorrow night is the Commissioner's meeting. One Commissioner's heart has definitely turned. Please urge the other Commissioners to join him:

Dick Hoffman:

Doug Gilpin:

Don Burgess:

Garry Breeden:

Randy Mask:


I have written to Commissioners Mask, Breeden, Burgess, Gilpin and Hoffman expressing my deep concerns and objections to any vote they may cast which supports the removal and relocation of the persons laid to rest in Lake Panasoffkee Cemetery in Sumter County, Florida.

I am with you there in spirit.

The Panasoffkee Cemetery will be preserved and restored!!!

Word from Tuesday's County Commissioner's meeting has been confirmed.

Thanks to all who prayed, wished, dreamed and contributed time, resources and 'Letters To The Editors' for the preservation of this Historic African Ancestored Cemetery !!!

"Guided by the Ancestors"
Any update to the Benevolent Cemetery in Tennessee? I found a video about that burial ground.
Hi Angela,

I was wondering the same thing.
Had the church, in the news story, been contacted?
Has the local historical society got involved, etc.?



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