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Robeson County, North Carolina 14 Replies

Started by John P. Nail. Last reply by Ann Richardson Davis Feb 5, 2018.

Hannah Powell

Started by Carol Anne Kuse Oct 26, 2015.

Archibald Powell 1 Reply

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Comment by Dae Powell on March 14, 2010 at 2:46pm
Any POWELLs from Alabama? Here is a list of POWELLs indexed by Groom:

Happy Dae·
Comment by Dae Powell on February 17, 2010 at 12:36pm
Google Books has one on Philip Powell of Pennsylvania. See Google Books and download the PDF!

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Comment by Kristi Snyder on December 25, 2009 at 7:23pm
Hello all,
I've traced my POWELLs back to Thomas and Hannah POWELL, 1790s Burlington, NJ. The POWELLs continue in NJ to this day, so there are lots of us all over. I am looking for others who might have more information.


Kristi Snyder
Comment by Dae Powell on November 11, 2009 at 4:31pm
Hi Clifford!
Welcome! My POWELLs, at least on me Da's side, have a Wales-English connection, too. Who knows, research may find us cousins. I think me Mum's POWELL lines are strictly British, but I'm not sure if they were in Herefords.

Happy Dae·
Comment by Clifford William James Wood on November 11, 2009 at 12:50pm
Hi to you All.
I have just joined this group.
I am researching the Family powell from Herefordshire and Wales Borders.
My Great Great Grandmother is Elizabeth Powell Born 1852.
Elizabeth Married George Jenkins in 1873.My Great Grandmother Edith Annie Jenkins was born 20th May 1892.
Any info on the Powell family would be very much appreciated
Clifford Wood
Comment by Dae Powell on November 9, 2009 at 9:42am
There are several Bible record sites with POWELLs. I saw this site last week:

Happy Dae·
Comment by Betty Vaughn on October 9, 2009 at 3:38pm
My known ancestor is Joyce Powell who married John Johnston probably in GA
about 1772. Her father (some say older brother) was William Powell and mother was named Elizabeth.

William Powell of McIntosh Bluff was given a Spanish Land Grant in 1795 at McIntosh Bluff for lands on the west and east sides of the Tombigbee River. In his request for the grant, William stated that he had lived on the property for ten years without a title or deed and therefore desired a grant. He had come to Alabama in 1785 from Effingham County, Georgia (just above Savannah), having owned land in Effingham County on the Ogeechee River. William's land was located at McIntosh Bluff on part of the property now owned by the Olin Corporation. The land given to John McIntosh by the British in 1775 was down river from William's land by at least a half mile. John Johnston was next neighbor to William Powell, just down river. Johnston was married to Williams's sister Joyce Powell. below Johnston's was his son-in-law Cornelius Raine. It was in Cornelius' home that Aaron Burr ate breakfast after his capture at McIntosh Bluff in 1807. Cornelius property extended to Hell Cat Lake. William Powell was then one of the very first settlers, having arrived in 1785, not only of Washington County but also one of the earliest white men to move into the area that would later (1819) become Alabama. He had a son Elijah and a son named James. It is very likely that William was the father, not only of John, Elijah, and James Powell, but also of Theophilus and William Powell, William owned land on both sides of the river and no doubt traveled freely on the beautiful Tombigbee. John Snowden Powell of Bates Lake at Malcolm, never realized that he spent the best and happiest years of his life within the shadow of the place where his great-great grandfather had put down roots as one of Alabama's very first settlers in 1785. In fact, a circle was made by the travels of the earlier John Powell who left McIntosh Bluff for Oven's Bluff on the Tombigbee River, then up the Alabama River to Packer's Bend, then his son Picnckney moved to Brooklyn in Conecuh co. and his son, John Cary moved to Calvert and his son, John Snowden moved on up to Malcolm. John Snowden always spoke of his ancestors as being from Brooklyn, never realizing that, although many of his ancestors were from Brooklyn, his oldest Alabama ancestors were from neighboring McIntosh bluff.

Source: Court
Written: January 23, 1796

Will of William Powell of McIntosh Bluff Dated January 23, 1796

In the name of God, Amen. The twenty third of January, one thousand, seven
hundred and ninety six. I, William Powell, of the District of Mobeal Tombigla
McIntush Bluff, being in health of body and of sound mind and memory do make
this my last will and testament, at the same time revoking all former wills
made by me, declaring this to be my last will and testament as my property
consists of two Negroes Sharper and Opilia worth four hundred dollars, thirty
head of black cattle worth one hundred and fifty dollars, five head of horses --
---------- one hundred and fifty hogs worth one hundred dollars--fifty dollars
in spacis, which will pay on debts and after my just debts are paid I give and
bequeath unto my wife, Elizabeth Powell, my (w)hole estate with lands
plantation for her support till her death or should she marry, death or
marriage. My (w)hole estate to be divided as follows.

Namely I leave to my son John three hundred dollars more than the rest of my
children as he is a cripple and then after he is to have his equal part with my
son James and my son Elijah. Also, I give and bequeath to my daughter Maarthew
Bates(?), A Negro woman named Fibi. At the same time, I do appoint Elizabeth
Powell, my beloved wife, and my son, James Powell of this Destrict as joint
Executor to this my last will and testament to which I have Here unto set my
hand and seal this the twenty third of January in the year of our Lord, one
thousand, seven hundred and ninety six.

Signed, sealed and delivered in
presents of us

James Stroon?
Cornelius Raines
Thomas Jones
William Connar

I do certify that the above writing has been duly proven to be the last will
and testament of William Powell, by the subscribing Witness Cornelius Raines.
This 16 day of February, 1803.
John Johnston, J.P.
Cornelius Raines

File at:
Comment by Dae Powell on September 26, 2009 at 4:02pm

Albertus, bach, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 104)
Ann, St Mary, Aldermanbury (page 16)
Anne; Eliz, w, St Michael, Queenhithe (page 1)
Anne, ser, St Benet Fink (page 8) ,St Gregory by St Paul's (page 9) ,St Helen (page 23) ,St Katharine Cree (page 13) ,St Michael, Crooked Lane (page 1)
Benj, Christ Church (page 56)
Chas, ser, St Botolph, Billingsgate (page 6)
Edw; Eliz, w; Edw, s, Allhallows, London Wall (page 23)
Edw, app, St Helen (page 22)
Eliz, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 9) ,St Mary, Abchurch (page 6) ,St Mary Mounthaw (page 4) ,St Mary, Woolchurch (page 10)
Eliz, ser, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 9) ,St Botolph, Billingsgate (page 4) ,St Mary Woolnoth (page 13)
Eliz, wid, Allhallows, Barking (page 29)
Ellinor, Allhallows, Barking (page 28)
Ellinor, ser, Allhallows, Barking (page 40)
Emanuel, ser, St Dunstan in the East (page 2)
Evan; Kath, w, St Mary Somerset (page 1)
Francis, porter; Martha, w; John, s; Chas, s; Mary, d, St Andrew by the Wardrobe (page 11)
Francis, ser, St Matthew, Friday Street (page 6)
Geo; Anne, w, St Katharine Cree (page 1)
Han, ser, St Mary at Hill (page 1)
Hen, St Matthew, Friday Street (page 2)
Hen; Jane, w, St Martin Orgar (page 10)
Hen, app, St Mary le Bow (page 6)
Hugh, druggist; Mary, w; Mary, d; Sar, d, St John the Baptist (page 12)
Jas; Eliz, w, St Mildred, Bread Street (page 11)
Jas, ser, St Benet, Paul's Wharf (page 17)
Jas, widr, St James, Duke's Place (page 16)
Jane, ser, St Helen (page 20)
Jeremiah, factor, £600, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 9) ,assr, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 29) ;Kath, w; Martha, d; Kath, d; Marg, d; Eliz, d; Mary, d, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 9)
Joane, wid, Allhallows the Great (page 14)
Joa, ser, St Benet Fink (page 17)
John; Marg, w, St James, Garlickhithe (page 10)
John; -, w; Mary, d, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 17)
John, app, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 1)
John, bach, St Benet Fink (page 13) ,St Dionis Backchurch (page 20)
John, ser, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 1)
Jos; Anne, w; Susan, d; Martha, d, Allhallows, Bread Street (page 6)
Jos, ser, St Mildred, Bread Street (page 10)
Magdalen, spin, St Alphage (page 10)
Martha, Allhallows, London Wall (page 29) ,St Martin, Ludgate (page 19)
Martha, ser, St Lawrence Pountney (page 2)
Mary, St Katherine, Coleman (page 14)
Mary; Edm, s, St Michael, Queenhithe (page 1)
Mary, ser, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 16) ,St Gabriel, Fenchurch (page 5) ,St Mary, Woolchurch (page 1)
Mat; Unity, w; Unity, d, St Ethelburga (page 9)
Peter, victualler, St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street (page 2) ,collr, St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street (page 16) ;5Sar, w, St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street (page 2)
Prudence, St Michael, Queenhithe (page 3)
Rac; Rac, d; John, s, Allhallows, Barking (page 22)
Ric; Eliz, w, Christ Church (page 56)
Ric; Mary, w, St Augustine (page 6)
Ric; Jane, w, St Mary Mounthaw (page 5)
Rob, ser, Allhallows, Barking (page 37)
Roger, app, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 1)
Sam, esq, St Christopher le Stocks (page 3) ,assr, St Christopher le Stocks (page 23) ;Eliz, w, St Christopher le Stocks (page 3)
Sar, ser, St Martin, Ironmonger Lane (page 3) ,St Michael, Wood Street (page 7)
Thos; Wm, s; Mary, d; Thos, s; Susa, d, St Dionis Backchurch (page 19)
Thos; Sar, w; John, s, St Katharine Cree (page 28)
Thos, £600; Sar, w, St Dionis Backchurch (page 3)
Thos, £600; Eliz, w; Winifred, d; Eliz, d; Ann, d, St Leonard, Eastcheap (page 5)
Thos, ser, St Faith under St Paul's (page 23)
Thomazin, St Mary, Abchurch (page 6)
Tim, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 101)
Tomsen, wid, Allhallows the Great (page 3)
Wal; Mary, w, Allhallows the Great (page 22)
Wm, £600, bach, St Leonard, Eastcheap (page 5)
Wm, gent's s; Isabell, w, St Dunstan in the East (page 22)
Wm, ser, St James, Duke's Place (page 14)
Wm, tailor, St Katherine, Coleman (page 2)

From: London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695 (1966), pp. 220-241.
URL: British History
An index of London inhabitants within the city walls in 1695. Based on assessments for 80 parishes made under the Act of 6 & 7 Wm. and Mary, c. 6, and information from other sources for a further 17 parishes.

Happy Dae·
ShoeString Genealogy
Comment by Dae Powell on September 26, 2009 at 3:59pm
Battle of Britain Roll of Honour

'The Few' were 2353 young men from Great Britain and 574 from overseas, pilots and other aircrew, who are officially recognised as having taken part in the Battle of Britain. Each flew at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit of the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm during the period 10 July to 31 October 1940. 544 lost their lives during the period of the Battle, and these are marked by an asterisk. A further 791 were killed in action or died in the course of their duties before the wars end, which is also noted.

Powell Flight Lieutenant R P R British 111
Powell Sergeant S W M British 141
Powell Pilot Officer R J British 248 Killed
Powell Sergeant E British 25 Killed
Powell-Shedden Flight Lieutenant G British 242

URL: Royal Air Force
Comment by John P. Nail on September 12, 2009 at 5:00am
I invite you to read and join my discussion in the Discussion Forum. Because Powell is a rather common name, we will find Powells scattered all across the US whose date of immigration will vary widely. I am hoping to find others who are familiar with a line that settled first in Robeson County, North Carolina in the 1700s and later migrated into Florida and Mississippi.

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