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Does anyone know of any Worley that fought? I understand that they were Quakers, how do you find out if they helped in anyway?

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Can you be more specific as to the area where your Worleys lived? There are continental, state, and county records of troops and militias but without knowing where these particular Worleys lived, it's like finding a needle in a haystack to determine if they served.

By the way, one of the most important generals, Nathaniel Greene, was brought up a Quaker; his father was a well-known Quaker, and he descended from five generations of Quakers. Nathaniel was, however, cast out of the Quaker meeting for attending a military parade in 1773.
I dec from Henry Worley , Penn, son John I think was born in Virginia John married Nancy Hendry 1772 I believe John died in Tn
I find mention in papers of Joshua Worley a John Oden and Nancy Worley of Bedford County. Would this be whom are a looking for? Let me know and will send file to you via email
Been out of pocket for awhile, yes this sounds instresting. Pleas send. Thank you.
There's a great deal of Worley genealogy here:

although a quick read didn't reveal any revolutionary war veterans.
This is my line. Thanks





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