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Hope I can explain this. Isaac Stackhouse is the Patriot. This all revolves around Monroe County Co. and across the Ohio River in Wetzel Co. ISAAC was born in Hampshire Co. WV and died in Monroe County, Ohio. on the Ohio River. Isaac sired JACOB STACKHOUSE {fact} In GenCircles Jacob sired JOSHUA WOODS STACKHOUSE who is my GG Grandfather born in 9 Jan. 1823 in Hanover, Columbiana Co. Ohio, also on the Ohio River. Died in Wetzel Co.WV. in 1912. There is also a Joshua Stackhouse born the same time in Clinton Co. Ohio. This county is in the South Western part of Ohio near Indiana. Don't think this was Jacob's son, because they were all living in counties on the Ohio River. The problem is in Ancestry it has both these two Joshua's mixed with the decendants that I am sure of. The JOSHUA that died in Proctor,Wetzel Co. WV was were my G Grandfather lived and he and Joshua are buried there. The Census of 1880 has Joshua's parent' s birth blank. These two Joshua's have different wives. Mine has Mary Jane McFarland as his wife and the other has Ellen Jane Spencer. There are several families on ancestry with all the same relatives except for Joshua. Some people have Him and wife Spencer and others have the one with wife McFarland, but everthing else is the same. My Joshua has parents unknown which I find hard to believe. I'm stuck. The GenCircles has my Joshua as a son of Jacob. Ancestry has Joshua from western Ohio as the son of Jacob. Any advice of what to do now would be relly appreciated. If I can't connect my Joshua i have lost my Patriot. Dianne

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Alice was a child of Joshua and Mary. she married a Powell right? George her brother also married a Powell, Sarah. JW [ Joshua Woods}Stackhouse is also correct. Albert is also right. The problem is on GenCircles it has Joshua's father as Jacob a son of Isaac the Patriot. Ancestry has Joshua father unknown in 2 researches and in the others has Joshua married to Jane Spencer and from Clinton County, Ohio and mine is from Monroe, but they have all the sibs the same and the people they married. Grrrrrrr Dianne
I have census with George and Joshua and Mary Jane {McFarland ] mother. I tried to get some of those deaths from WV vital records, but said there was no records. Will try again later. Thanks a bunch . Dianne
if there's anything you need just hollar, ok?
I just thought it was strange some records show parents as Joshua & Mary McFarland, and others as George & Mary McFarland....... I think it requires more research, will get back to you if I find anything else.

DAR Patriot Lookup Service
The DAR Patriot Index contains names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women, whose service (between 1775 and 1783) has been established by the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Additional information available may include: dates and places of birth and death, name(s) of wife (wives) or husband(s), rank, type of service, and the State where the patriot lived or served. If pension papers are known to exist, that fact will be included.

If you are interested in knowing if your ancestor is recognized by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot, please complete the request form below. Our volunteers would be happy to check for you at no charge!


Ok, guess I fibbed, just looked again, there are other Stackhouses listed too in the Revolutionary War index, but only a few!

John- wife Anna got land grand. Bucks Co, PA. He'd previously gotten a pension too from Virginia or while serving Virginia. Ok, was a resident of Harrison Co, VA.
Isaac, resident of Monroe, VA (Moosefield?) pension, Ok I gave ya that already, geesh, I'm losing it!

Name: Alice Stackhouse Powell
Death date: 16 Dec 1935
Death place: Marshall, West Virginia
Age at death:
Birth date:
Marital status: Married
Spouse's name: J. E. Powell
Father's name: J. Stackhouse
Father's birthplace:
Mother's name: Mary J. Mcfarland
Mother's birthplace:
Street address:
Cemetery name:
Burial place:
Burial date:
Film number: 1953908
Digital GS number: 4257772
Image number: 2112
Reference number: 17305
Source: Statewide
Collection: West Virginia Deaths 1853-1970
this looks like a real good site to possibly help you:
Online GRC Index
Isaac is the Patriot I have his paper work on pension. I think one other person is in the DAR through him, but don't know who they are. If I could just put Joshua with Jacob the son of Issac I'd be OK. How can Joshua know his name and where he was born and not know his parents. The Stackhouse were Quakers at one time, don't know if they were still in that time period. They did shunning, and maybe he and his father had a falling out. I did find out that Monroe Co. does not have any records before 1867 and Joshua was born in 1823. So I'm stuck there. Should I just give up! I thought I had a Patriot on my fathers side, but he was an uncle and not married. Thought he was a grandfather. Dianne This John was with Isaac in Harrison Co. Thought it was a son, but he was born in Bucks Co and Isaac in Hampshire Co. WV
Isaac's Father was Jacob B. 25 Aug/ Oct 1713 Middletown, Bucks Co. wife Hannah Watson
STACKHOUSE, Isaac OH s1 v42 182
STACKHOUSE, Sarah Miller OH s1 v42 182

Search Results
9 - Records Found
Name (Last/First) State Series/Vol Page
STACKHOUSE, Isaac GA s1 v96 40
(More Info)
Title: Georgia DAR GRC report ; s1 v096 : genealogical, bible & cemetery records.
Location: GA G.R.C. 1945 S1-V96
STACKHOUSE, Isaac MO s1 v155 69
(More Info)
Title: Missouri DAR GRC report ; s1 v155 : Marion County, Missouri will books I, II & III, December 1853 to January, 1895 / Governor George Wyllis Chapter
Location: MO COUNTIES MARION GRC-1949 s1-V155
STACKHOUSE, Isaac MO s1 v155 69
(More Info)
Title: Missouri DAR GRC report ; s1 v155 : Marion County, Missouri will books I, II & III, December 1853 to January, 1895 / Governor George Wyllis Chapter
Location: MO COUNTIES MARION GRC-1954 S1-V155
STACKHOUSE, Isaac OH s1 v42 182
(More Info)
Title: Ohio DAR GRC report ; s1 v042 : early marriage bonds of Ohio [Washington County]
STACKHOUSE, Isaac PA s2 v2 78
(More Info)
Title: Pennsylvania DAR GRC report ; s2 v002 : cemetery records from three counties ...
Location: PENN G.R.C. 1988 S2-V2
STACKHOUSE, Isaac WV s1 v4 221
(More Info)
Title: West Virginia DAR GRC report ; s1 v004 : marriage record of Ohio County / presented by Wheeling Chapter
Location: WVA COUNTIES OHIO GRC-1932 S1-V4
STACKHOUSE, Isaac N RI S1 V48 61
(More Info)
Title: Rhode Island DAR GRC report ; s1 v048 : deaths and marriages in Newport, Rhode Island / Colonel William Barton Chapter
Location: RI COUNTIES NEWPORT GRC 1961 S 1 V 48
STACKHOUSE, Isaac N RI s1 v74 13
(More Info)
Title: Rhode Island DAR GRC report ; s1 v074
Location: RI G.R.C. 1981 S 1 V 74
STACKHOUSE, Isaac P SC s1 v37 135
(More Info)
Title: South Carolina DAR GRC report ; s1 v037 : bible records, diaries and letters of Marlboro County, South Carolina : families and allied families / Pee Dee Chapter
Location: S.C. COUNTIES MARLBORO GRC-1942 S1-V37
He is the WV s1 v4 221 Isaac is recognized in both WV and Ohio. He was born in Va. {WV} and enlisted here, but is buried in Ohio. Both states claim him. Dianne I read that he was in the battle of Yorktown

i have been trying to find the parents of j.w.stackhouse.  i am not a relative though, reason that i was trying to find

who taught him the gunsmith trade. he was a very well know gunsmith.  i own a rifle that was made by him.

i also have a nice photo of him       dale berisford





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