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John Thigpen's brother, James V, Saves Brother, Job, from Warzone, & Joins Colonel Marion. John Dies on British Prison Ship, Charleston Harbor.

James Thigpen V is my 5th great grandfather. John Thigpen, his brother, died on a British prison Prison Ship in Charleston Harbor in 1780. He was in the battles of Briar Creek & Stono. During a fight with the Tories, he was wounded in the abdomen & hospitalized in Charleston. He was a Major in the Continental Army, under command of General Lincoln.

December 26, 1779 - British Gen. Clinton sail from New York with 8000 men; reaching Charleston, South Carolina, on Feb. 1.
April 8, 1780 - British attack against Charleston; warships going past cannons at Fort Moultrie; they enter Charleston harbor. Washington sends help.
May 6, 1780 - British capture Fort Moultrie at Charleston
May 12, 1780 - Worst American defeat of the Revolutionary War... British capture Charleston & its 5400-man garrison, the whole southern American Army, along with 4 ships & military arsenal. British lose 225 troops.
John's brother, James the 5th came through the lines of the seige to be with him as long as possible. Before surrender he slipped out, taking his brother, Job. Col. Marion was with them. They joined the forces of Col. (later General) Marion & stayed with him the rest of the war. John's son, Gilead, was paroled; John wasn't, as he was an officer. He was put on a prison ship where he died in 1780. His wife, Ann, didn't hear from him after the letter he sent back by son, Gilead.

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I tried to comment earlier but think it got wiped out. Sorry if it doubles up. John Thigpen was my 5th great grandfather on my grandfather's side. He was also my 4th great grandfather on my grandmothers side. My grandfather, George Benjamin, married Alma Thigpen. Amos G Thigpen was my grandfather's great great grandfather and my grandmothers great grandfather.
As you know John died at Charleston, but his son, Joseph Joshua Sr, who also fought in the War survived and was the Father of Amos G Thigpen.
Amos G Thigpen settled in Lauderdale Co, AL around 1820 and I am pretty sure is the grandfather of all the Thigpen's from this area.

Cool; thanks for the info. My Thigpens settled in Wise County, Texas.

James Thigpen V is my 7th great uncle.  His brother Job Thigpen is my 6th great grand father.  You mention that that James the 5th slipped out of the prison taking his brother Job with him.  Would this Job be my grandfather or do you know?  Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Melissa Thigpen-Bex

Yes; I believe it is THE Job Thigpen. He was one of 2 brothers that travelled South from there.





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