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You were asking if someone's ancestor had been proven. My American Revolutionary War Ancestor was Pvt Raphael Wimsatt who was born in 1754 in St Mary's, Maryland, and died in Nelson Co, Kentucky in 1829. To my knowledge I do not think he applied for a pension. I wrote another thread on him noting an article that contained his name in this group. The name of the article was the Maryland 400. I have such things such as this article but no hard core documentation. I would appreciate anything that you or someone else could help me on this.

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Hi Patty

I ran across this posting about your ancestor on The information may help:

Posted by: Ed Bray (email: Date: August 22, 2000 at 19:16:59
In Reply to: Raphael Wimsatt- Nelson Co, Va [Ky]-1787 by Sally Music

My mother is a Wimsatt, G-G-G-Greatgranddaughter of Raphael Through his son John. I have been able to find some information on his line. I have him born 1754 in St Marys, MD, Susannah in 1760. He was on the Maryland line in Revolution and received a pension, later Susannah received a widows pension. I have only three of their children, John - b1785, Stephen - b1787, and Joseph. Raphael is in Maryland Revolutionary records as Winset. He died May 25, 1828 at Holy Cross, Nelson Co., KY. The family goes back to 1680's in Maryland records but may have come with first Lord Baltimore on Ark or Dove.

Also there was this regarding DAR:

Under the spelling of Wimsatt, I found the following listed in the DAR Patriot Index. I did not find any listings under the spelling of Winsett/Wimsett.

WIMSATT, Raphael
Birth: MD 10- -1753
Service: MD
Rank: Pvt
Death: KY 25 May 1828
Patriot Pensioned: Yes Widow Pensioned: Yes
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Susannah Cissell
Hi Ed,

I think we are related!!!! I am the G-G-G-G-G-Ganddaughter of Raphael Wimsatt through his son John. However my maiden name is spelled Wimpsett. My Grandfather Grant General Wimpsett's father John Marshall changed the spelling of his name. I do not know why he did. I think everyone that would know that answer is now gone.

So who is your mother. I just recently found another cousin (Wimsatt) from Kentucky and we talk all the time.

Thank you for the information. I do have some information to give back to you. I totally agree with you about our Wimsatt's being with first Lord Baltimore on the Ark or the Dove. I have been reading articles about that landing.

I'm so excited to talk to you.
Hi William,

I think I did a whopsie on my first reply to you. I took it that you were replying to me not that you found a posting.
ha ha. I did send my reply to Ed Bray.

Thank you for all the information that you sent me. I really appreciate all your time and effort.
They didn't authorize the pension for those who served between 6 months and 2 years until June 7, 1832. So if your ancestor served within those parameters, he died before he could get pension. I have found enlistment documents on for my patriot. You might want to try that. I do see below that his wife did indeed receive the pension.
Hi Trudy,

Thank you so much. I found just what I needed.
Private Raphael Wimsatt is a verified patriot ancestor with DAR. Born October 1753 in St. Mary's County, Maryland and died 25 May 1828 in Nelson County, Kentucky. His widow applied for a pension - file S*W621. He served under Captain Thomas and Captain Davidson and Col. Smallwood in the 1st and 2nd Maryland Line. He was married to Susannah Cissell and the proven lineage is through their son John who married Eleanor Hagan..

Does that help you with what you needed?

Sheri Fenley
Hi Sheri,
Yes, I believe you have given me all that I need.
Thank you...thank you.

Hello, my name is Kelly Byers and I am doing research on my Grandmother's family (the Wimsatt's) who settled in MD, possibly as part of the Cecil expedition in the early 1600's.

All that I know at this point is of a Wimsatt born in 1625; his son was born in 1645. This man's son was Richard (born in 1665; married to Katherine O Bryan and died in 1725 in St Mary's County). His son that followed (also Richard) was born in 1690 and died in 1751 / 52 (married to Teresa Ford - b. 1702 d. 1752).

I'm familiar with the Pvt Raphael Wimsatt you've mentioned; he applied for a pension in Nelson County, KY in 1818 (age 64) as he had enlisted in 1776 in the 1st Regiment of the Maryland Line, Continental Establishment.

Any information you have on these people would be greatly appreciated as I have been searching for several years on their origins. Its my understanding that we're of Welsh descent but that's all that I've been able to discover at the moment. If you'd like to send me an email, I can be reached at

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Kelly L. Byers
If you write to the DAR in Washington, D.C., or go to their web site, they should be able to tell you if your ancestor has been proven.





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