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I'd love to talk with anyone about Georgia's part in the American Revolution, especially Col. Elijah Clarke, Col. Stephen Heard, Col. Micajah Williamson, Maj. Barnard Heard, and anyone else who served with this band of patriots who fought the Redcoats and Indians at Kettle Creek, Augusta and Wilkes County and help create the State of Georgia.

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Rachel Carter, daughter of Josiah Carter and Mary Anthony, was married to John White, son of Thomas White and Sarah Shelton, originally from Orange County, Virginia. John White was the brother of my 4th and 5th great-grandmother, Nancy White Oliver (I descend from two of her sons). John White and Rachel Carter were married on November 25, 1812 in Warren County, Georgia. They lived in Elbert County, Georgia, where most of their children were born. It is believed they are buried in Elbert County, but I haven't located any marked grave sof them as of yet.
I think this Joseph/Josiah might be a brother to my "Mary" Frances Carter Irby..They may have come from Halifax Co. VA, but it seems that Joseph's wife name was Elizabeth. If any one out there knows about this family, please comment.. Gerry, you list surnames that I've known for some time as connected to my Irby line. Joseph Irby m. "Mary" Frances Carter c. 1727-1736....I think it was closer to 1727. Do you have a link between Joseph and Josia.....a postive one?
This post caught my attention. My ancestor, Drury Rogers, moved to Wilkes County in 1773, where he was granted 300 acres of land on the Ogeechee River between Poplar Creek and Camp Creek. I know that attacks by the Creek Indians were common at that time, and Drury Rogers built a fort on his property (Fort Rogers or Rogers Fort) to defend against these attacks. After the American Revolution began, the British worked with the Creeks to attack settlers on the Georgia frontier. In March of 1779, several settlements and forts were raided and destroyed, including Rogers Fort.

Apparently, Elijah Clarke certified that Drury Rogers served under him, and I am curious about whether that service took place at Rogers Fort or in another location. Does anyone know if Elijah Clarke had any connection with Rogers Fort, or anything about the history of militia being stationed at Rogers Fort?





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