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My American Revolutionary War ancestor, was Christian "Christy" ARNEY, Sr.

He was born in 1749, in York County, Pennsylvania.

He moved with his family, father Jacob ARNEY, from Pennsylvania to the area of Tryon County, North Carolina, around 1767.

Christian served, several tours, during the American Revolutionary War, but didn't file for his pension, until the 1830's.

At first, he was turned down, because the service he said he performed was being ordered to make 85 pairs of shoes, which the Courts decided was not truly "Military service".

The 2nd time he filed, he told them about all the other things he did, like scouting, and fighting during the battle of Ramsour's Mill.

I'm looking for any information I can find, for Christian's service during that time.

Also, Christian "Christy" ARNEY, Sr. died during the Spring of 1834.

He lived on the ARNEY plantation, of which his father, Jacob ARNEY, had also lived and possibly was buried.  I believe it's entirely possible, that both men were buried on the ARNEY plantation.

So, I'm trying to locate the ARNEY plantation, in what would have been Lincoln County, North Carolina, but could be Gaston County or Catawba County now.  It's likely it was near the town of Lincolnton.


Any information on Christian "Christy" ARNEY, Sr. would be helpful.


I seek, what I term DTP (Definitive Tangible Proof), which can be, but is not limited to, birth/baptism records, church records, marriage records, land deals (purchases/sales), death records/certificates, grave markers, tax rolls, probate records, military records, Wills, etc.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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The plantation  could also be in Burke County.  The county lines changed so rapidly in NC, it's hard to keep up with where they lived.  One of my patriots is Daniel McKissick, and he fought in the battle of Ramsour's Mill during the Rev. War.  I was shocked to see that Ramsour's Mill is right at the city limits of Lincolnton (if not actually inside the city limits).  Burke County was just north of there, and tho' it was said that Daniel lived in Lincoln County, he started out living in Burke and was Sheriff of Burke county at one time.  Absalom Bonham is another Rev. War patriot from that area.  I've seen the Arney name in the census and other records many times I sure is familiar.  :-)



I can tell you that, Christian  "Christy" Arney, Sr. had a brother, Adam "Lawrence" Arney (1751-1802)

Adam "Lawrence" Arney, was also born in Yorktown, York County, Pennsylvania.

He lived near Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina

He married Anna Catherine Lutz (1762-1862)

She is buried in Littlejohn Methodist Church Cemetery, in Gamewell, Caldwell County, North Carolina

Adam "Lawrence" Arney, is also believed to be buried in the same cemetery.

Note: Caldwell County was formed from Burke County.

I have maps of all the changing county lines that are on overhead projector sheets.  I can lay them on top of each other to illustrate the 

There were many people who migrated to that area of NC from MD, PA and NJ. 

Well, that's something I'd like to see, but overheads, can't be scanned, huh

There used to be a site where you could pull up all the maps and then print them.  Then I copied them to the overhead sheets.  I don't know if the site exists anymore, but I'll see if I can find it.

Hmmm,, I wonder if they have individual maps of the Counties themselves, as they changed, but I guess you could blow up the State and crop it.'s not maps of the states;  it is various county maps.  I've got to find where I put them or at least pull them up on the internet.  When I find them I'll either send them to you or let you know how to find them.  :-)  B

Here they are;  you have to magnify them (blow them up somehow).  I blew them up to fit 81/2 x 11 paper.

Stan:  here's the link for the whole site....such a great site...had almost forgotten about it.  or Google "North Carolina Historical County Lines"

Now, in researching Lincolnton (and Lincoln County, North Carolina, in general), I have learned a few things.

For instance, by the time all was said and done, Lincoln County was reduced to 10 miles in width, and an average 30 miles in length.

Lincolnton, was therefore 1-1/2 miles from the Catawba County line, to the North, and 4-1/2 miles from the Gaston County line, to the South. Which left Lincolnton, about 4 miles in width (North to South).

Also, part of Lincolnton, became known as "Boger City".

In the area of Lincolnton-Boger City, there is an "Arney Street", which runs West to East, and is bound by "Hubbard Street" on the West, and "Lawing Street" on the East.  

This makes me wonder if the Arney plantation was near this area, because we know that Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. owned several lots in Lincolnton.

I have been trying to track down, the "Arney Plantation", in Lincoln County, North Carolina, to little avail, so far.
The few records, I have found, only show Jacob Arney, purchasing 200 acres on the South Fork of the Catawba River, in 1772.
While Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. purchased several lots in Lincolnton, which leads me to believe that the "Arney Plantation" must have been near Lincolnton.
I still believe that both Jacob & Christian, Sr. were buried on the Arney Plantation.
Unfortunately, I don't know, in what direction the Arney Plantation was from Lincolnton.
If it was North or South, it could have been placed in a different County (Catawba/Gaston).
On the other hand, if it was East of Lincolnton, it could still have been in Lincoln County.
I do know, that there is an Arney street, that is East of Lincolnton, while still being in Lincolnton, called "Boger City".  If the street was named after the Arney family, it's possible that the plantation was near there or could have been named after the lots that Christian, Sr. had purchased.
I "assume", that Christian, Sr. received the Arney Plantation, after his father's (Jacob) death.
I know that Christian, Sr., left his son, Christian, Jr., a choice of the Arney Plantation or lots in Lincolnton, from what I understand he took both.
I know that Christian, Jr., left his Widow & minor children, the plantation and lots in Lincolnton.  After Christian, Jr.'s death, his Widow got to keep the plantation, but there was a lengthy, Court battle, in which his children's appointed guardian, was forced to make the children sell off several lots in Lincolnton, to pay their father's debts.
Matthew Wilson, son-in-law (husband of Julianna "Uly" Arney) of Christian, Sr. attempted to force Christian, Jr. to give him the Arney Plantation, due to debts owed, but failed.
Who received the Arney Plantation, after the death of Christian, Jr.'s Widow, I don't know?





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