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Tell about your favorite free or low-cost genealogy resources, online and off. Explain why it's a favorite and how it's been helpful in your research.

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I recently located this site. It isn't really a research tool but is a great way to keep track of your ancestors migrations.
You select a State then click on the counties where you or your ancestors live/lived. It offers the ability to color code so you can use it for all your branches if you want.

Plus its FREE!
Very cool website. Have you tried posting it to We Love Maps They will like it. I am a member there, too.
HI, This has become an interesting topic of late wonder if my speel at local meeting started it about three months ago.
I did a response to the ones posted by Randy from ANOTHER source and ultimately stated," The list is going to change depending on the areas of research your doing" I will always say that and rootsweb are my first two use of genealogy urls but I use google now for almost all things and amazed at the results that creep up. it's a Atlas of Historical county boundries You can see the county lines change when you change the date. I thought my family in PA was moving but it was the county lines were changing made a big difference in my research method. is a good start for pilgrim ahip check list links it's also free.
Best cheap source of documents is microfilm, which can be ordered online. Often you can gather up more than one document. I dont subscribe to any website as they always give freebies and so i can knock my self out and take what i need.
I agree with bobby, I prefer to use their free for ten days only special but i don't want to give them credit card information and I don't know how to get the freebies and not give them a credit card. Any suggestions???/
Miram, I actually blogged a bit about this topic after reading your and Randy's comments. HUGS
Much depends on where and when for research being needed.
This is a free database for New York. They have birth, death and marriage indices. It is not restricted to just Italian names. I have found a wealth of information on tracking vital records for my English, German, Irish, and Dutch relatives. It is localized to the NY City area, but a lot of families came through NY.....Susan
Susan I agree my family lived out on Long island but got their marriage license in the city. had the reference so Icould easily find what I needed. also if your lucky enough to have someone buried at Greenwood Cemetery they have on line information and they have something called the Catalogue of Heirs for $17.50 they send you the card of who the heirs of the owner of the burial plot is, wow what a wealth of information that was.
Leanne, Are you speaking of Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn? I am the first on my mother's side not born in NY. Genealogy of NY from Texas has its drawbacks. I have several family members at Greenwood in Brooklyn.
Yes I am. There is a website with all the people buried there plus the plot number and the date. I posted my mcNishs on findagrave and a very nice lady contacted me with in 2 days she took the picture. I'm in Calif, believe I know long distant research isn't easy. Good luck.
Thanks Leanne! It is a beautiful website. I know know exactly where my grandmother is resting. She passed when my mother was 5 years old.



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