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For years it was claimed Lewis Johnson was from Wales. Research has

shown he came from Illinois. Also claimed is William Irvine Lewis, but he came  from Virginia. Early accounts list a W.T. Lewis, or a W.S. Lewis.

Plus there is also a William S. Lewis who was a surveyor in the San

Antonio area in 1835. If anyone in the Lewis family has any details that

show if they had a family member at the Alamo I would be very grateful to hear from them.

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Lewis Johnson, who died defending the Alamo was indeed from Illinois Territory, NOT Wales. The person who aided my genealogy research Dr. Johnnie Reeves and I both advised the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, that Lewis was from Illinois Territory, they blew us off as if we were the crackpot. But when the Daughters gave Wales a Texas state flag, the issue no longer becomes a matter of research, but a matter of pride. 

By the way, Lewis Johnson, who died defending the Alamo, was my 3rd Great Grand Uncle. 

Many back then self Identified as Irish or English even though they themself were born in this country. I to do his day have a friend who says she is Polish. Born in Chicago. It has always been of interest to me that the only native born Texans were Tejano



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