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Being more passionate about quality, I hope to see a framework first of all. In all aspects of genealogy, organization is fundamental. The GenealogyWise framework, for example, can boost quality by following its own GenSeek plans, and on this site could include:

locality categories modeled after the world’s largest genealogical catalog, the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC); since the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and home to the most genealogists, GenyWise can simply start with categories for each U.S. state and the leading nations of immigrant origins (as detailed in numerous reports of the federal government such as Historical Statistics of The United States)

topical categories modeled after the world’s largest genealogical catalog, the same FHLC, which itself is based on the standards of the world’s largest catalog created at the Library of Congress; start with “archives and libraries” and “Bible records” and finish with “taxation” and “vital records”

surnames and name groups can naturally be alphabetized, or can follow sophisticated systems employed by the IGI; a standard for group names can mention a key locality or time period for further sorting

Being as independent as possible from any corporation or institution, I hope to direct genealogists to dialogues and debates about key issues. In genealogy classes and lectures at national conferences there is little time or opportunity for discussion. We can avoid the pitfalls of controversy by agreeing we all seek to honor our ancestors and to strengthen our living families and our posterity. We can speak of issues such as:

√ how do we bridge the lack of cooperation by national organizations such as FGS, NGS, APG, and ASG; between nonprofits like the LDS Church and commercial entities like Ancestry and others in setting standards (for indexing, data corrections, software sharing, etc.)

√ are all of the new Wiki sites reinventing the wheel of the free array of research guidance tools at FamilySearch?

√ where is the central clearinghouse for non-linked research queries, for small or personal indexing projects, etc.?

√ as compiled family histories are coming online, how do we evaluate one from 1900, 1930, 1960, or 1990?

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