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I'm looking to find where I came from.  Well actually where my relatives came from.  I have just started and already a bit aggravated.  I can't seem to find anyone, anywhere with the surname Hoetzlein. I have tried many different spellings and still nothing, it's a bit frustrating really.

What I do know is; My gr. gr. grand parents John Hoetzlein & his wife Anna Hoetzlein immagrated to the US from Augsburg, Germany in Bavaria.  They settled in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and had 9 children. Frank 1902, Joe 1904, Albert 1907, Lewis 1909, George 1911, Olive 1912, Gerard (my grandfather) 1915, Mary 1917, and Katherine 1920.

So I'm looking for anyone who may live in Augsburg, Germany in Bavaria who may be able to help.
Or looking for anyone from the Hoetzlein family, that can help me in my search.

Thank you for your time,

Cindy Medina

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I had a quick look around, and see what you mean - not many Hoetzleins about!

Rama (?B1975) crops up a lot, and I think this is his family tree:

From this chart, it looks as though Gerard is a grandchild of John and Anna?

Good luck!

Thank you so much William I'll take a look at the link you sent me. And yes John and Ana, are Gerards (my grandfather) grand parents.

Again thanks so very much for the help. I so appreciate it.

I found this on maybe you cannect with someone there. Also try the Bavaria message board.
Cheryl Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it.




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